The Berlin Fashion Week Green Guide



Making this guide is doomed to fail. It is not getting easier to filter the  ethical brands from the conventional ones. The jungle of different shades of green continues… and what is good, or good enough? Fair Wear Foundation certification alone? Made-in-Germany? Handcrafted by smiling people? Funky CSR reports or “we do our best”-statements on a website?

We have made a selection of brands and according events that are somehow dedicated to sustainable production. But in the end, every buyer, journalist, agent, or consultant should make their own research, ask critical questions, exchange information among each other, and follow their instincts.

Both Showfloor Berlin and Lavera Showfloor come with an unclear mix of ethical and maybe-not-so-ethical brands. With a selection of wishy-washy brand statements on the Lavera Showfloor site, in my opinion Lavera risks to spoil its credibility as an organic cosmetics brand. One good showfloor with a good selection of ethical brands would actually do it.


The conventional trade shows have a small decrease of ethical brands this summer: as far as I have counted, there are less ethical brands at Bread and Butter, Premium, The Gallery, and no ethical brands at Bright or Panorama Berlin. The ethical brands leaving the conventional shows mainly don’t show in Berlin at all this season.

Meanwhile, Messe Frankfurt claims to present over 100 ethical brands this time at it’s two platforms – Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Green Showroom. The Ethical fashion Show is said to be fully booked. Maybe it is slowly getting time for the next move – a jump to a shiny new location for both fairs together, showing those over 100 brands in a chic, urban environment. Their exhibitors are increasingly international, but the high fluctuation of exhibitors at both fairs makes clear that the market is still very dynamic but also unstable: many new ethical brands pop up, and many brands leave the stage again, mostly in silence.

The Berlin Fashion Week, with it’s many venues and side-events, keeps up as the most relevant stage for ethical fashion. There is no place one could get a better offer of ethical fashion brands then Berlin. And we’re sure you will find some heartwarming and breathtaking jewels among them.


What’s more? Capsule Berlin is back. Panorama is there. Showfloor Berlin moves back to Kosmos. The Gallery has a new location in the Opern Werkstätten. Bread and Butter has new entrance policies and charges 500 EURO for everyone who is not a 100% buyer or journalist.

Make sure you check out the British Upcycling Showroom and meet the designers Ada Zandition and Orsola De Castro. And we definitely see us at the Green Lounge, organized by Ethical Fashion Show, Green Showroom and Innatex, the central all-together-now party-hot-spot for the ethical fashion scene in Berlin. Be there or be square!




108 Degrees | 360 Grad FashionAikyou | Ajoofa | | Alma & Lovis Aluc | Ayuvastra | BelladeaBibico | Birthday Suits | Brainshirt | Braintree | CadoChoclo Project | Crushers | CUS | Do U Speak Green | Elementum by Daniela Pais |Ethos Paris | Fair Wear Foundation | FeuerwearFormatFreshtexFukushimaGet Changed Globe Hope | Good For AllGOTSGöttin des Glücks |GR Nature Grand Step Shoes / Airbox || Harold´sHempage | Hirsch Natur | Inti FerreiraIVN || John W. Shoes |  | KomodoL´Herbe Rouge LaniusLavgonLebenskleidung | Livingreen | Margarete Häusler | Maria Seifert | Mufiko | Monika Schneiter | Mucha Linda | Mud Jeans | Nicoletta Fasani |  | OobooPrancing LeopardPure CottonQuagga | Rafaelia | Ramblers Way Farm | RecolutionRoom to Roam | Sag + Sal | Sartoria IsamaraSey Organic Jeans | Slowers | Spiochi | Sprout Watches | Studio Jux | Talented TodesThe Hemp Line | Tudo Bom | Umiwi | Vingetorix | Wearchemistry


Aleks Kurkowski | Anais GuilleCocccon |  | Deepmello | Dutch Basics | EdelziegeElsen Gringhuis | Esmod Berlin | Humanity in Fashion Award | Issie / B by White | Johanna RiplingerKatharina KaiserKatlen ThielLuxaa | Londstrupp | Materia PrimaMyuli | Reet Aus RoyalBlush |Schreif | Swiss Affaire | Tatjana Prijmak | Theo & Mo | Think! | Tony Kobleder | Vilmava


Eco Alf | Haikure | Lanius | Armed Angels | L´Herbe Rouge | Les Racines du Ciel | Linda Mai Phung | Umasan | Wunderwerk | Nine to five


K.O.I Kings of IndigoKnowledge Cotton | KuyichiNudie Jeans | Twothirds | Wewood


Consequent |Ecoskin | Sabine HofiusDunqueNaturalmente




A Question Of | Schmidttakahashi


Please also check out the individual showrooms of Berlin brands:

Slowmo | Treches | Hypnosis | Pearl of Laja | Frau Wagner | Christine Mayer


TUESDAY 02.07.2013

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin – Opening with Renate Künast, 10.00, ewerk

Ethical Fashion Show – Seminar: WellMade, social standards in the production chain (Fair Wear Foundation), 11.00, ewerk

Green Showroom – Salonshow, 15.30, Hotel Adlon Kempinski (Invitation only)

Upcycling Fashion Store Berlin – British Upcycling Showroom, opening party, 18.00, Anklamerstrasse 17

WEDNESDAY 03.07.2013

Ethical Fashion Show – Seminar: WellMade, social standards in the production chain (Fair Wear Foundation), 11.00, ewerk

Ethical Fashion Show – Seminar: Claudia Kersten (GOTS) and Heike Scheuer (IVN) on GOTS (German), 14.30, ewerk

Ethical Fashion Show – Seminar: “How ecofair fashion strives on mobile technology“ Mark Starmanns (Get Changed!), Daniella Schiffer ( and Anina Net (, 16.00, ewerk

Showfloor Berlin, 18.00 Julia Starp, Show, Kosmos Berlin (RSVP)

Lavera Showfloor, 19.30 Bhana, Show, Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz (RSVP)

„GreenLounge“, networking event by Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, Green Showroom and Innatex, from 20.00, Umspannwerk Kreuzberg (RSVP)

Lavera Showfloor, 21.00 Ada Zandition, Show, Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz (RSVP)

THURSDAY 04.07.2013

Ethical Fashion Show – „Create Green Frühstück“: Podiumsdiskussion „Innovative Verkaufskonzepte für den Handel“, 11 Uhr, ewerk (RSVP)

Showfloor Berlin, 18.00 Johanna Riplinger, Show, Kosmos Berlin (RSVP)

Showfloor Berlin, 19.30 Göttin des Glücks, Sow, Kosmos Berlin (RSVP)

FRIDAY 05.07.2013

Lavera Showfloor, 17.30, Milde, Show, Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz (RSVP)