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Professor Mark Starmanns who was also one of our most popular speakers at the Beyond Fashion Summit is part of the team behind the online platform NETZWERKFAIREMODE (Fair Fashion Network). This network specialized on presenting businesses and companies, well-established ones as well as young fashion brands from the green segment. Besides Mark Starmanns the team consists of Katharina Wehrli, Jacqueline Häusler and Irina Starmanns who are all convinced that fashion needs more fairness. With their shopping guide and blog, NETZWERKFAIREMODE wants to increase transparency within the sustainable fashion market and inform consumers about ecological and fairly produced products. Consulting for fashion businesses that want to become greener in terms of production, marketing or marketing opportunities is the second key aspect that NETZWERKFAIREMODE focuses on. If that doesn’t sound familiar.

Until December 12th you can take part in a survey, carried out to optimize the online portal. Among all participants 10 Pants of Pants to Poverty are being raffled. Take part!

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