Fashion is, when you laugh despite it all

frauke berg

Fredericke´s latest article for J`N`C Magazine. Illustrations by Frauke Berg. If there’s one thing we’re not trying to do with our outfits, it’s make people have a laugh. Fashion can be all things: provocative, scandalous, surreal, strange, yes even unacceptable. But funny? No thank you. Cheerful clothing is so provincial. If an outfit is described as funny/amusing, then that a nice way of saying “badly [...] More

The Berlin Fashion Week Green Guide


MANY SHADES OF GREEN Making this guide is doomed to fail. It is not getting easier to filter the  ethical brands from the conventional ones. The jungle of different shades of green continues… and what is good, or good enough? Fair Wear Foundation certification alone? Made-in-Germany? Handcrafted by smiling people? Funky CSR reports or “we do our best”-statements on a website? We have made a [...] More

Today Utopia, Tomorrow Reality


(published by J´N´C edition 1/13, Illustration by Frauke Berg/ It’s no secret that fashion anticipates. Created by the pioneers of our social caravan on its journey through time, it gives all those who discover it a strong sense of the present. You could call it the visible surface of the here and now, or the smallest cog in the gearbox of aesthetic innovation. The one [...] More



… und wenn wir gerade dabei sind. Wie sieht´s denn mit der Grünen Modecrowd während der Berlin Fashion Week im Januar aus? Unser Green Guide sagt´s Euch. Sie legen einmal mehr ein feines grünes Netz über die Messelandschaft der Hauptstadt gemäß der Vielfalt ihres Stils und ihrer Segmente. Jeans auf der Bread & Butter, Prét-a-Porter auf der Premium und viele Eco Classics scheinen ihre optimale Plattform auf [...] More

Beyond Fashion Summit 2012: Hypernature


The second edition of the international Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 takes place at the STATION-Berlin on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November 2012. With the STATION-Berlin, an old postal train station in the middle of Berlin, the Beyond Fashion Summit will find its place at one of the fashion hubs of Berlin, known from the PREMIUM Exhibitions. The Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 offers a two-day [...] More

It’s not all black and white


This article was created by Fredericke Winkler for J’N’C and illustrated by Frauke Berg. Thanks for giving us the authorization. It would never occur to anyone to ask if Africa has influenced our taste in music on a global scale. There is hardly a musical genre that doesn’t have any African influences whatsoever. Rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, reggae, dub, hip-hop, the entire world of [...] More

Join the Non Toxic Revolution!


Choose to revolt! Join the NON TOXIC REVOLUTION! With all the awareness for health and environment and after years of cradle-to-cradle hype I wonder why the topic of toxics is still so small among consumers. This wonderful and provoking campaign by the NGO Keep A Breast just launched in Berlin.The artwork is done by the renown street-artist Stepard Fairey aka Obey the Giant, also known [...] More

Green Guide Berlin Fashion Week July 2012


Berlin Fashion Week starts on Tuesday, the 3rd of July, and you’ll be better prepared! To help you find all the green hotspots, we have sorted out the green brands, showrooms and events in the city.. you will find it underneath.. everything you need to navigate green and glamorous through the days and nights of fashion week. This is just a blog article and not [...] More