To a prosperous new year

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 -

Dear Readers

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a good start into the year 2012. We want to say thank you for an exciting year with a lot of changes and developments, thanks for your support and for working towards the same goal – a more sustainable world. We hope to see you all again next year, at the latest during the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012.

We’ll be back in the office by January 2nd.

Happy Holidays!

The Beyond Berlin Team


Image & Wooden Christmas-tree by Ingrid Jansen

German Fashion Kitchen features Esther Perbandt

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 -

Which special meals do German fashion designers like to prepare at home? That was the question the authors from the BlogzineNahtlos asked themselves and there it was – the idea for a unique cookbook.

In German Fashion Kitchen 55 designers reveal their kitchen secrets, among them also Esther Perbandt with her favourite recipe, fillet of pork with radish, pomegranate and Parmesan. The money goes to the children’s and youth organisation “Die Arche” e.V. So you cannot only find out how to impress your friends with a special dish but you also support a good cause with this purchase.

The authors found it important to feature young design talents, as well as top names in the cookbook to create publicity for Newcomers and for well-established labels. If you are now curious what Wolfgang Joop’s, Hien Le’s or Marcel Ostertag’s culinary specialty is, get a hard copy for € 27,99 or the E-book for 19,99. Although the last one is going to be difficult to wrap as a Christmas present.


Utilité – a Story about Passion and Patience

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 -

Utilité by Ellen Korth is no standard Do-It-Yourself book. Although we haven’t seen it in real life yet, the video presentation already made us love it. Ellen Korth visited 40 women and men at home and documented how passionate they knitted, crocheted or weaved. Utilité, which became more of an object than a book, is a piece of art on its own, with its incredible binding, personal stories and great image material. If you still need an unconventional Christmas present for someone, get this one. We hope to interview the author soon and tell you more about her work.

Utilite from Coen Remmelts on Vimeo.

First CLUBMOB in Berlin

Monday, December 19th, 2011 -

Tonight – we know it’s Monday – but tonight the first CLUBMOB will happen in Kreuzberg’s club SO36. So if you feel like it, join the party and dance the night away into a greener tomorrow! All money that is earned during the event will be reinvested to improve the energy balance of the club. Music – electronic beats of course – by Frieder Blume (Crossfrontier Audio), PaulLee (The Humants, PLSTC PPL) and Vittjas Thief (Kurzurlaub).

5500 Clubs exist in Germany and 300 of those in our capital – one of the main reasons why Berlin gets hyped all around the world right now. But all the Party-Hardy also leads to 90 tons of CO2, the average carbon dioxide emission of one club per year. As reported the SO36 paid 20.000 Euros for electricity last year, 20 times as much as a four-person household spends.

Saving money and energy in clubs without spoiling the fun is the CLUBMOB team’s vision and they managed to find a way to make sustainability more attractive for club owners. In return for the Party tonight, SO36 will get professional advice and consulting on possibilities to save energy in the future, even green electricity provider Naturstrom for the club is under discussion.

23:00 – open end

Oranienstraße 190
10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg

Click here for the facebook event

Watch the promotion video


Male model Andrej Pejic for bra campaign

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 -

To promote it’s push-up bras, the dutch department store HEMA have choosen the androgynous male supermodel Andrej Pejic to be the face of their new lingerie campaign. The campaign became a huge success within hours and the news has made its round through international press with the speed of light.

Andrej Pejic is celebrated as a superstar model in the fashion scene, still the campaign is brilliant as it is nothing more then, well, just a normal bra ad. While in the fashion world the influence of androgynous styles and gender ambiguity is totally en vogue, the average consumer might still find it a little unusual.

“It’s revolutionary” Pejic’s agent Chadwick’s Joseph Tenni told frockwriter. “I’ve never known a man to do a women’s lingerie campaign before”. Of course the message is clear: even men can wear HEMA’s push-up bras.

Do we see here the mainstreaming of queer and androgynous role models into a lifestyle (the average HEMA consumer is rather traditional) or just a successful ad campaign that even in 2011 finds a way to provoke by using gender issues?

Cooking without bones

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 -

The title that sounds even better in German – Kochen ohne Knochen – already says it all, vegan cuisine for the hip eco-aware consumer. Cooking without bones is a booklet with recipes for people who don’t eat meat and want an alternative to conventional vegetarian cookbooks – or healthy diet magazines.

Besides recipes, a restaurant check for several German cities is part of the KOK concept, as well as interviews and articles dealing with a better and more sustainable way of eating.

Where you can buy the booklet? At many German station’s bookstalls, in selected Bio-stores or order it online here.
Maybe you can also take a glance next time you missed the train and wait for the next one.

Cooking without bones belongs to the Ox publishing house, which also publishes cookbooks and magazines ‘for punks and other people.’

We like the fun twist to it.

Holy Shit Shopping in Hamburg

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 -

For the last time this year the Holy Shit Shopping presents itself in Hamburg. This weekend in a hall of the Hamburg Messe 200 designers and artists will offer handmade products. From fashion and jewellery, books and photography through to organic olive oil from Greece you can chose from a colourful mix of treasures and find special Christmas presents. I visited the Holy Shit Shopping two weeks ago in the Alte Münze in Berlin but now I can’t tell you what I got there, because it should still be a surprise on Christmas Eve. What I can do is recommend this event with its cozy atmosphere. Only the food was quite minimalistic, so bring your own to survive your route through lots of creative products and interesting ideas.

Click here for a list of designers

17. + 18. December 2011
12:00 – 22:00

Hamburg Messe / Halle B3
Am Messeplatz 1
20357 Hamburg

Banksy’s ironic attacs on consumer culture

Monday, December 12th, 2011 -

Recently, a few new, consume-critical works by the famous street-artist Banksy popped up in the streets. With a mix of smooth irony and dark sarcasm, he’s irritating the consumer masses and those who are persuading them.. “Sorry, the lifestyle that you ordered is currently out of stock”.

Meanwhile, Banksy has become one of the most popular contemporary artists, his works are sold for hundred thousands of euros and his stencil icons used or copied in advertising, fashion and trend forecast blogs.

We’re living in a time where critical consumerism is an integral part of an urban intellectual creative socially-aware hipster lifestyle in which we like a consumer-bashing Banksy artwork on facebook and next day go shopping some cool new must-have-trousers. Where we support #occupywallstreet with our tweets and meanwhile keep our money flowing at the same old banks.

Maybe Banksy actually means the global mind of crisis is pushing some of the most posh swimming-pool-on-my-rooftop lifestyles to be out, out, out…

Or maybe just provoked: “even my well-receipted radical punk-ass got sold on auctions, but as long as walls eat my graffiti people buy my art and I keep getting more famous.” It’s nothing more then the best pop-art artists like Andy Warhol have created us: a post-consumer consumer-culture built on it’s own ironic icons. That’s in line with the Kate Moss portrait by Banksy in Warhol-style. And it might just be in your digital shopping wagon tomorrow!

Happy Christmas shopping!

Via: Artschoolvets via Highsnobiety via Wooster.

More about Banksy on wikipedia, or just go shopping.


Four Paws publishes ‘Poison in fur’ report

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 -

On behalf of the animal welfare foundation Four PawsEcoAid by Manfred Krautter tested whether furs in fashion can affect the health of consumers or sales staff. And as some might think furs are natural products, they do actually contain a lot of different chemical substances that can harm your body. As if the fur industry itself isn’t cruel enough, fur-bearing animals kept and killed in terrible conditions, this is a danger that comes on top of all this. Hardly any investigations have been made before although evidence of toxic chemicals was found in related product groups such as leather.

In an independent specialist laboratory various fur products, such as collars and scarves were tested. The result: children’s clothing with fur edging contained the most poisonous substances (a child’s jacket from Airfield Young Generation) and almost all of the mink, fox and raccoon furs are contaminated with chemicals that are hazardous to health.

It is now up to German’s Government and the EU to pass a law concerning legal limits for fur products, this is what Four Paws and EcoAid suggest in their conclusion. So far no specific legal limits exist.

“As a preventive measure to protect their health and for the protection of animals consumer should not buy fur products.”
We very much agree!


For the English report click here

For the complete study in German ‘Gift im Pelz’ click here


Image by Holly Dinsdale


Debut of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 -

Where to find the best selection of green fashion labels? In Berlin, of course! This January during the Berlin Fashion Week the first edition of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is expected, taking place at the impressive old power station E-werk in Berlin-Mitte. The event has just put their website online (though still only in German) and published the first list of exhibitors. Among them some classic eco-labels such as Komodo, Ideo, Ethos Paris, a selection of up-cycling labels such as Milch and Reclothings, designer labels such as Studio Jux, Elementum and Banuq, and newcomers such as Samorito and Yog:k. Remarkable is the presence of the conventional players Trigema with their Change collection and Otto with their Wild Earth Collection.

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is organized by the Messe Frankfurt, who are also the organizers of the luxury platform Green Showroom in Hotel Adlon, which is located in the same area as the E-Werk.

Next to a trade show for professionals, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin offers an Ethical Fashion Shop that is accessible for the public. The shop is organized by the master students of the “Sustainability in Fashion” Masters programm of the Esmod University in Berlin. The Shop is supervised by Bernd Hausmann from Glore, and also Beyond Berlin‘s Fredericke Winkler and Alexander Bretz  had their input by guiding the students in marketing and communications.

We are looking forward to an interesting Berlin Fashion Week and wish the organizers and exhibitors a good and successful kick-off.

Image (1): the dutch fashion label Studio Jux; Image (2): E-Werk in Berlin-Mitte