Germany’s first ShirtMob

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 -

What to do with worn T-shirts, that accompanied you in various living situation, but are not of any function for you anymore? That’s right – You can exchange them during Germany’s first ShirtMob! Next Friday, the 27th of April a huge shirt swapping action will take place at Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Initiated by Beyond Berlin and ReShirt this event presents an alternative Recycling concept that will be great fun for all participants! Instead of throwing your old T-shirts into the garbage, you have the possibility to make someone else happy with it and you do something for the environment! Not only the shirt, but also the story connected to it will be passed on.

ReShirt collects worn T-shirts with a special story and helps finding the next owner. Those shirts are labelled with a ReShirt logo and a serial number and from then on can start their second life. Experiences are shared online and can be followed by old and new owner.

Famous Alexanderplatz is going to be the ShirtMob’s first location. Clueless by-passers will be surprised when all those people will start swapping their shirts at the same time. In the centre of consumption, ReShirt’s goal is to present an alternative to the disposable mentality that characterizes the fashion industry and expand the lifecycle of individual garments.

“We want as many people to show up to swap shirts next Friday. People who share a similar mindset and enjoy spontaneous events like this,” says Lara Schillings, former Beyond Berlin intern who worked on the ShirtMob idea together with Frans Prins.

So come and bring all your friends to join the first ShirtMob in Berlin and make a statement!

When & Where

Friday, 27th of April 2012
16:30 gather in front of the cinema Cinestar, find a partner
16:55 move towards world time clock, spread out
17:00 ShirtMob

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