Berlin Fashion Week – Green Highlights 2012

ethical fashion show berlin 2012

The Berlin Fashion Week has started! Don’t forget your rubber boots and umbrellas this time, they might be a necessary part of your outfit…

In our Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide we have listed all brands and events at the Berlin Fashion Week for you.

Off course we are excited to check out the debuting Ethical Fashion Show. They have invited for a get together on Wednesday evening starting at 8pm. If it is going to look like the electro parties at Ewerk in the nineties? We will see, at least we look forward to see a bunch of good old greenies like  BanuqElementumMilch and  Studio JUX. If they do it right, it will last forever.

You might also want to have a look at Green Showroom in the Hotel Adlon, last time sharing the house with Boris Beckham and Gasprom. Their salon show is on thursday, but for invited guests only. We are expecting everything from rhubarb tanned leather bags from The Rooters, elegant ladies shoes by Alina Schurfeld to Estonian upcycling chic by Reet Aus.

You can’t do without a green jeans check at Bread and Butter. If Kuyichi is Beatles, Kings of Indigo is Stones and Monkee Genes is Pink Floyd. Anyway, the Bread and Butter still rocks, if you like it or not. For a little contrast, also visit the Toast & Jam vintage fair just opposite the entrance area.

Premium, once pioneering with their green area, is still showcasing a good selection of green fashion brands. Check out the upcoming dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis, and see the new collections of evergreens like Veja (Seek),Misericordia(Seek) and Les Racienes du Ciel. And do blondes really make better T-Shirts?

And the showrooms. We recommend visiting SlowmoFormat and Umasan. Check out the british upcycling special at the Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store. And of course have a coffee break at the Eco Showroom.

And the shows. This time In Fashion and Lavera Showfloor joined forces. We recommend the Slow Fashion Award Show,  and the show of Isabell de Hillerin and all the other shows too of course, see the complete listing at our Eco Guide.

And the eco scene. We will for sure see us on Thursday evening at the Innatex Lounge in the Kreuzberg szenebar Das Hotel. Entrance policies got tough this time. Those who did not get an invitation for the exclusive green fashion lounge can still come on from 9 pm and party, together with us green VIPs, in the basement. And those more interested in clothing than in parties, Innatex is also a Trade Show close to Wallau and actually showcases quite some green fashion brands this time.

Last but not least: be sure that you visit us on Thursday or Friday, we are with our Berlin mind-shifting designer Esther Perbandt at the Capsule and are proud to say that the collection is promising and.. more sustainable than before!



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