Moritzplatz is not called Moritzplatz anymore


The new name… drum roll, please… Makerplatz, a collaboration of so-called ‘makers’ like you can find in Betahaus, Prinzessinnengarten, Etsy or in Modulor. Last weekend scores of creatives and those yet to become, cavorted all around the Moritzplatz, Excuse me, Makerplatz. Numerous of workshops took place, from T-Shirt printing with potato stamps or creating your personal mix of LemonAid, on Makerplatz there was something to do for everyone. In Betahaus they were busy hosting the People in Beta Fetsival where Bagpad took part in, as well. In the evening Live Bands performed in the back yard and it was hard to believe that we entered the month of October already.

The Moritzplatz, which developed around 1960 was a bustling spot in Berlin city, with apartment buildings, stores, even a big German department store, called Wertheim. Back then it was one of the most busy shopping squares in Kreuzberg until it was bombed and destroyed almost completely during the second world war. But now the company Modulor together with the Aufbau publishing house breathes new life into the almost forgotten area. The result – you can now find young people with full beards and fixed gear bikes making their way a little further, instead of stopping at Oranienplatz, like they did before.


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