From Stonewash to Wattwash


François Girbaud from the French label François + Marithé Girbaud will also attend our SUMMIT. The label, which was founded in 1964, stands for the invention of stonewashed Jeans, with which the Designer-Duo revolutionized the Jeans Industry over 40 years ago. What the couple didn’t realize back then, the process was highly unsustainable and damaging to the environment. After 15 years of research they managed to offer a green alternative: Wattwash. Wattwash Jeans are cut and treated with a special laser-technique, which gives the jeans the popular used-look. Only 5 litres of water are used in this process compared to 170 litres that are needed for bleaching and acid treatments in conventional stonewashing processes. We are looking forward to François, who proves consistently what he and his label stands for: innovative and connectional design thinking.


To take a look at the Wattwash video click here:

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