Lena Nocke


sales manager, fashion and costume designer, stylist, project and event manager, system operator, human resource manager, organizer, troubleshooter

Lena Nocke is a fashion and costume designer, currently working as Beyond’s Sales and Project Manager and troubleshooter.  She provides a critical level of organization and behind-the-scenes management to all the projects, which is part of the secret of Beyond’s success.  From planning and coordination, logistics and final product delivery, Lena makes sure no step is overlooked or underplayed, providing superb quality-control throughout the process.

Lena has worked extensively in exhibition and event management which has included trade shows like the GREEN showroom and THEKEY.TO.

Clients have come to expect high quality and personalized attention, something that Lena excels at.  She meets directly with clients, develops distribution strategies, creates new groups of customers and generates strong relationships with existing ones.  “Personal attention is one of the most important skills needed to successfully promote a brand,” she says.  “It is a skill I work very hard to master, and I enjoy doing it too!”

Lena studied English and Literature, going further with a Degree in Fashion and Costume Design.  She has worked for theaters, including “Theater am Kurfürstendamm” and “Friedrichstadtpalast” as well as styling jobs and tradeshows such as those for Galleries Lafayette in Berlin.

Lena has a special talent to engage and mobilize people towards a stated goal, achieving the “Big Green Picture.”  She is imaginative, resourceful, energetic and focused, bringing a refreshing level of creativity to all the projects she’s involved in.  Her goal is to bring the company’s Ideals to the mainstream of design and product development.

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