Nuna ice – Form follows taste


Icecream meets design and transcends both. Nuna, a frozen popsicle that claims “Form follows taste” and makes one wonder: is this a piece of art, the German pavilion for the next Expo, or really just a piece of ice design that appeals to all senses?

Nuna is the initiative of the host of our coworking space BCN and architect/artist Manu Kumar and Stefan Gendl from the renown design agency Neubau Berlin. With Nuna, Neubau claims to have implemented for the first time a food-design that goes beyond the formal visual plane.

“Four years ago we first came up with the idea of Nuna. From the beginning we wanted to make something entirely new to revolutionize the purely marketing-driven products currently flooding the ice cream market”, says Manu Kumar. Among the team of international experts that the founders organized to develop Nun’s product is Heiko Antoniewicz, a master chef and a worldwide operating food developer.

The product is not yet on the market, but expected to be launched soon. “Off course,” states Manu Kumar, “The product will be certified organic and we are planning to source the juice ingredients locally as much as possible.”

We are looking forward to the hot summer day where we can taste the first Nuna..

Check more visuals of Nuna here


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