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Trigema CHANGE - BO-GRETA Oliv-Marine_klein

When looking at those photos, you ask yourself, did these models just get picked up on the street? They don’t wear a lot of make-up nor do they exist of skin and bones – normal human being so to say. A fresh and natural Photoshoot with young people, who present various Shirts and Pullovers nonchalantly. The first Lifestyle collection of the long-established company Trigema was designed by Mona Ohlendorf from Berlin, who co-founded the renowned eco-agency ‘Common Works’, which helps designers changing their production ways to more environmentally friendly procedures. Mona’s influence on Trigema is reflected in the collection’s name, CHANGE, which wants to offer an alternative to conventional clothing lines by introducing the Cradle to Cradle concept. Single-Jerseys for her and for him, called Greta and Bo come in colours varying from warm apricot to black, everything made from Bio-cotton obviously. What would probably not be any successful on the runway is a must-have for everyone’s feel-good clothing assortment. The prices lie in the mid-level segment {29,90€ – 69,90€}. Trigema manages to bring in a new breeze into their artistic as well as technological developments, yet not leaving the green aspect behind while doing so.

For everyone not familiar with it, the Cradle to Cradle system does not generate any waste, but only uses products that can be recycled completely. Borrowed form nature’s nutrient system, Cradle to Cradle is based on closed circles, where none of the raw material is lost during the process. This system, developed by professor Michael Braungart in the EPEA institute, tries to create a new production approach to reduce pollution. In contrast to recycling methods Cradle to Cradle demands certain requirements already before the production so that only those products enter the circle that are completely recyclable and bio-degradable.

By the way, the company Trigema exists already for 90 years. Different from other textile businesses they decided against outsourcing, low-waged labour and long transportation of their goods. A different attitude is how they describe this approach on their website, where you can also make a virtual tour all over the production area, from parking spots to stock and distribution office. This transparency is something we like and the Cradle to Cradle concept anyway commendable. And if you pay the website a visit, check out the online shop as well that exists since the first of October.


  • Hellen Henderson commented on 10-8-2011:

    Appreciated the share!

  • cam commented on 11-4-2011:

    finde die Kollektion super, sind die schwarzen Schuhe auch von denen oder von welch anderer Firma?

    bitte RückMail, wäre super, danke! x

    • Lara commented on 11-9-2011:

      Danke für deinen Kommentar. Die Schuhe sind nicht von der Firma. Trigema produziert keine Schuhe. Aber vielleicht einfach mal eine email an die Firma schicken und nachfragen.?
      Viele Grüße

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