Welcome Esther Perbandt

Beyond SALES launches S/S 2012 Collection


“You get what you see!” with her special look, her Berlin sassy slang and her constant wilful style Esther Perbandt is nothing else but distinctive. As seasons change in fashion, the designer stays true to her personal style and lives up to it with all the trimmings, so that her persona could have originated from her own lookbook: an androgynous silhouette is blurred with deconstructed details and put together again with the backing of classical menswear. Sober colours form the quiet basis for the gruelling interplay of elegance and athleticism as you can see amazingly performed in the film FORMAT by Cristian Straub. The true masterstroke is that the designer’s performance, as well as her creations stay so heartily and authentic, just like you imagine a real Berlin capital gal. Brainpower meets someone with feet on the ground when it comes to textile Poetry Slam.

All the more we look forward to welcome this label to move with Beyond Berlin on green grounds. Together we tackle the big mission of changing the business that exists since 2004 into something fair and ecological. Best would be if you recognize the greenness only in the product’s strong statement in the end. 60 % of this season’s distribution is already ecologically correct and from now on it is up to us to manage international sales business for Berlin’s fashion figurehead. WE LIKE.