Harold’s manufactures and distributes bags under the brands Harold’s and dothebag. 1936 Foundation as a handicraft business. 1960 Cooperation with the Florentine company Pielle le sac.

The trade-name “Harold’s” originates from this period. The products are produced at a small company in South America – except the line 2.co, which is made in Germany. This cooperation was established in 1985 on the basis of labour agreements regulated by law and on the basis of jobs subject to social security in contrast to the usual and widely spread migratory labour in this region.

As a result of these guidelines, most of the workers of our South American partner have been with the company for more than 20 years – a fact that guarantees profound and sustainable know-how and thus high quality of the products. The leather applied comes from the surrounding regions in South America. The same applies to the cattle, which live in the nature in South America and not in barns as most of the animals in Europe do. The metal parts and linings feature a high level of impenetrability and tear resistance.

Taking the above into consideration, the eco-balance of the products is marvellous although the products are finally transported across the Atlantic.
2002 Begin of the cooperation with dothebag. The bags of this trademark are designed by Olaf Schroeder and Sabine Wald, who are professional designers. This cooperation combines extraordinary design, traditional skills, and technical know-how. The bags and other products of this trademark are shown on www.dothebag.de

Contact: Lena Nocke