We proudly present

Beyond Fashion Summit - A knowledge festival


Over the last couple of days a verbal sparring took place between us in our office over our desks, in our mails even in our dreams. Which name is the biggest, which topic the most important? Misericordia, Matilda Lee, Opening Reception, esthetics, Michelberger Hotel, Panel, Eckbert Zwo, Görlitzer Park just to name a few.
All those are part of the big picture; the big, beautiful, exciting picture: the Beyond Fashion Summit, held on 21st and 22nd of October 2011 in Berlin. Our conference theme is sustainable fashion of the future – we call it a ‘knowledge-festival’. Not only can we count on international speakers, but we also included a lunch with speed-networking and a DIY-programme Opening Reception @Das Hotel in our programme, which gives us the opportunity and the room to make noise around the topic of green fashion and its potentials. But just take a look at our programme yourself Programm.
On Saturday, 22nd October a Panel will take place, with highly interesting guests (in light of recent events). We are still working on this one and there we are back with all our preparations, the verbal sparring that will surely continue tomorrow.