Beyond Fashion Summit – Berlin, November 15 & 16, 2012



In a constructive and visionary spirit, the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 concluded it’s two days conference programme. On the 15th and 16th of November, over 150 professionals from the fashion and textile industry came together to discuss and reflect the topic of „Hypernature“. Speakers and participants explored solutions in the textile chain through new processes and digital technologies.

The event’s new, renown fashion-venue STATION-Berlin in Kreuzberg has proven to be the right step forward. „We are very satisfied“, says Fredericke Winkler from Beyond Berlin, who organized the Summit together with Lena Nocke and Frans Prins. „It is off course a positive development that we had more participants. Even more important for us is the extraordinary high quality of our audience and speakers,“ continues Winkler.

And we’re off… Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 in full swing #bfs12

Among the professional visitors were many high profile representatives from industry, commerce, science and politics, who explored innovative concepts and new ways in a common dialogue.  Eleven international lecturers and a discussion panel envisioned philosophical concepts and future business models, showed best practices and possibilities for new, ethical and innovative product generations.

Wise words came from environmental philosopher Warwick Fox: „‘the best example of any one kind often has a responsively cohesive view of things’ #bfs12

A central point of discussion was the question, by which values future fashion will be lead. Philosopher Warwick Fox gave a contextual framework and called the public to think multidimensional: „Think holistic!“, said Fox. Only then can one be ethically and morally uncontentious.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink of the think tank Next Nature dared to define a provocative definition of the Summit title. His conclusion: in the future, we will be confronted by a „more raffinated, more secure, aesthetically optimized, enlarged, highly patented, better version of our environment.“

The founder of People Tree, Safia Minney, reported about the success story of her fashion brand, a story that goes back over more then ten years. Started on a small scale in Japan, People Tree is now present in over 600 points of sale all over the world, without loosing it’s core values of fair trade, organic and handcraft.

“Technology can help transparency” Mark Starmanns @netzfairemode #bfs12

At the end of the first conference day, Mark Starmanns, (Netzwerk Fair Mode), Safia Minney (People Tree), Norbert Henzel (University of Oldenburg), Caroline Ducker (Etsy) and moderator Frans Prins (Beyond Berlin) where on stage to discuss transparency in the fashion industry, future consumer trends and the question: how important is the implementation of modern technologies for future minded fashion?

On Friday, the themes of the first conference day where deepened out and explored in several workshops, and the outputs where discussed with the audience. Parallel, Beyond Berlin organized a round table in collaboration with the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN). It had the goal to bring together NGOs and initiatives and formulate a common agenda that could be used by all participating organizations, politically as well as in communications.

The results:

Working in a sustainable way with natural and synthetic fibres: “Sustainable is smarter design and optimization” #bfs12

Transparency in the supply chain: “We need to regulate standards & certificates to create trust” #bfs12

Recycling, the new organic? “Too many clothes are thrown away … so: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! … Buy Less & Choose Well!” #bfs12

Hacking for fashion: “Technology is here to aid transparency in the fashion industry” #bfs12

Cotton Futures: what will the cotton industry look like in 2025: “Don’t take cotton for granted.” #bfs12

Cotton in 2025 … “A vision for the future of cotton: zero waste techno cotton from field to printer and back again” #bfs12

Round table on ethics in the fashion industry: to be continued … (we will meet again) – #bfs12

We are already looking forward to the next edition of the Beyond Fashion Summit in 2013! #bfs13

Photos by Sebastian Marggraf

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The SUMMIT OF NEWTHINKING and the BEYOND FASHION SUMMIT invite to a public ‘Get together’ on Thursday 15th of November, from 6 pm until 11 pm at the STATION Berlin. Attendants and speakers of both conferences meet and everyone else is welcome, too! Be there, join us for a drink and talk!

Two Summits, one date, one location. The Summit of newthinking is all about open strategies and the Beyond Fashion Summit looks for ways to improve sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry.

Be there!


We have published more information on our workshops at the Beyond Fashion Summit on Friday 16th of November! Read about them HERE!

We still have a few seats available, so do not hesitate and get your Last Minute Ticket to the Beyond Fashion Summit!



The Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 is organized at the STATION Berlin together with the Summit of Newthinking. Two Summits, one date, one location. Where the Beyond Fashion Summit looks for ways to improve sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry, the Summit of Newthinking is all about open strategies. Participants of the Beyond Fashion Summit also have access to the programm of the Summit of Newthinking.

The events have a common drive for more openness and transparency in society and an interest in using new technologies to accomplish that. Andreas Gebhard of Newthinking: “What we share is a mission to change the way we organize our economy and our culture: with more openness and
more respect for our commons and resources. With our conference we would like to offer a platform for these changes.”

Watch this nice video (in German) by the people from newthinking!


The IVN (International Association for Natural textiles) and Beyond Berlin organize a round table at the BEYOND FASHION SUMMIT 2012 at the STATION Berlin. The goal of the Round Table is to outline a possible common agenda and ways of using it for medial and political purposes.

Among the participating initiatives are: Greenpeace International, Fair Wear Foundation, Transfair e.V., Stiftung OEKO-TEX®, TÜV Rheinland, Informationsdienst Gentechnik, Clean Clothes Campaign, Christliche Initiative Romero, INKOTA-netzwerk e.V., Itkam / TF Certificaton, Trusted Footprint, GOTS, and IVN.

Every stage of the textile production process has its unique challenges where sustainability is concerned. Eco-labels and initiatives concentrate on different sets of problems and offer varied methods of resolution.

Fredericke Winkler from Beyond Berlin: “The resulting complexity overwhelms the industry, retailers and consumers alike. With the round table, we would like your help to create a common framework that will reduce complexity and enhance transparency. The intention is not to judge, but rather to find a common angle and a common agenda.”


The BEYOND FASHION SUMMIT, taking place on the 15th and 16th of November 2012 in the STATION Berlin, announces a series of collaborations and activities alongside it’s conference programme: a round table, workshops, business talks and the partnering event Summit of Newthinking.

At the end of the first conference day, on Thursday the 15th of November 2012 between 17.30 and 18.30, there will be a publicly accessible discussion panel on the topic: “Hypernature, the future of fashion?”. Actual developments and trends concerning sustainability in the fashion industry are to be discussed by the panel participants. The central question: what is necessary to solve the paradox of the consumer product fashion and the necessary objective of a more sustainable fashion industry?

The speakers on the panel are: Safia Minney, founder of People Tree; Yvonne Zwick, referent for sustainable consume at the German council for sustainable development; Dr. Norbert Henzel, expert of textile ecology and textile consume at the Institute for Material Culture at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg; Dr. Mark Starmanns, researcher on social standards in the fashion industry at the University Zurich and founder of Netzwerk Faire Mode.

After the panel discussion there is a Get Together – together with the Summit of Newthinking. Be there!




Fashion Designer Safia Minney, founder of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion brand People Tree, is speaking at the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012!

Safia turned a lifelong interest in environmental, trade and social justice issues from a lifestyle into a Fair Trade business and is regarded as one of the worlds, foremost commentators of Fair Trade in the fashion industry. She will speak at the Beyond Fashion Summit about her experiences with building up People Tree and her visions for tomorrow’s fashion industry.

To read more on the speakers at the Beyond Fashion Summit, see the List of Speakers



The Beyond Fashion Summit’s list of speakers is still growing day by day…

We are very happy to welcome Kavita Parmar, founder and creative director of The IOU Project. Kavita Parmar is a designer, serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for change in the fashion industry. She was born in India and was educated in India and England.

At the age of 18 while attending university, she started her own studio working as a freelance designer for various international clothing brands. After building up and running several successful clothing brands, she founded the IOU Project in 2011, her most ambitious project to date.

The IOU Project is an e-commerce social networking platform that manufactures and retails one-of-a-kind handmade clothes. It seeks to empower the artisan, celebrate uniqueness, re-vindicate the right to transparency and believes that technology can make it happen. Consumers can see the people who where producing the item, and when consumers upload a picture after purchase, the producers also see who is wearing it..

See a short, inspiring video about The IOU Project here:

For more information on Kavita Parmar, also see the recent interview by Summer Rayne Oaks.


The second edition of the international Beyond Fashion Summit 2012, taking place at the STATION-Berlin on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November 2012, presents it’s programme and a first list of speakers.

This year’s theme Hypernature explores the interaction between ecology and technology in the fashion industry. With a strong focus on technological innovations in it’s programme, the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 dares to investigate the future of sustainability in fashion beyond what we might see as sustainable today, and beyond a romantic view of nature.

On Thursday the 15th of November 2012, the Beyond Fashion Summit offers an intensive conference programme with lectures, keynotes and a discussion panel “Hypernature, the future of sustainable fashion”. The Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 welcomes a very international, high profile selection of speakers here. The list of speakers with their biographies can be viewed on the website here: SPEAKERS.

On Friday the 16th of November 2012, the programme will be more interactive, offering a series of workshops, with titles such as “recycling, the new organic?”, “Hacking for fashion: how new technologies can support transparency and traceability in the supply chain” and “Cotton futures: what will the cotton industry look like in 2025?”. More details on the programme and theme can be found PROGRAMME and the programme schedule here:  SCHEDULE.



The second edition of the international Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 takes place at the STATION-Berlin on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November 2012. With the STATION-Berlin, an old postal train station in the middle of Berlin, the Beyond Fashion Summit will find its place at one of the fashion hubs of Berlin, known from the PREMIUM Exhibitions.

The Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 offers a two-day programme with conference, workshops, business talks and a round table. With this year’s theme, HYPERNATURE, the Beyond Fashion Summit is all about innovation in fashion, and the interaction of ecology and new technologies. The conference establishes a visionary discussion on how sustainable and technological inventions can and should change the fashion industry. In what way can new technologies and digital solutions support sustainable production? Is a new vision of sustainability in fashion needed?

Expected are a selection of around 200 professionals from the German and international fashion and textile industry: business representatives, retailers, designers, textile engineers, CSR experts and journalists. The Beyond Fashion Summit offers a high profile environment for business networking and knowledge exchange, and is the ideal place to connect fashion companies stronger to sustainable innovations.

The full programme will be published in two weeks. Keep updated and LIKE us on facebook.

We are looking forward seeing you at the Beyond Fashion Summit!