The BEYOND FASHION SUMMIT, taking place on the 15th and 16th of November 2012 in the STATION Berlin, announces a series of collaborations and activities alongside it’s conference programme: a round table, workshops, business talks and the partnering event Summit of Newthinking.

At the end of the first conference day, on Thursday the 15th of November 2012 between 17.30 and 18.30, there will be a publicly accessible discussion panel on the topic: “Hypernature, the future of fashion?”. Actual developments and trends concerning sustainability in the fashion industry are to be discussed by the panel participants. The central question: what is necessary to solve the paradox of the consumer product fashion and the necessary objective of a more sustainable fashion industry?

The speakers on the panel are: Safia Minney, founder of People Tree; Yvonne Zwick, referent for sustainable consume at the German council for sustainable development; Dr. Norbert Henzel, expert of textile ecology and textile consume at the Institute for Material Culture at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg; Dr. Mark Starmanns, researcher on social standards in the fashion industry at the University Zurich and founder of Netzwerk Faire Mode.

After the panel discussion there is a Get Together – together with the Summit of Newthinking. Be there!