The Beyond Fashion Summit provides two days of conference, business talks and workshops. The first Summit day, Thursday the 15th of November 2012, brings a conference programme providing a visionary perspective on the fashion industry of the future by a selection of international speakers: industry representatives, academics and designers. The second Summit day, Friday the 16th of November 2012, offers an interactive program of workshops, business talks and a round table.

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Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 is all about innovation in fashion, and the interaction of ecology and technology. With the theme, HYPERNATURE, we aim provoke discussion on how sustainable and technological inventions will change the fashion industry.

In what way can new technologies and digital solutions support sustainable production? A common perception is that sustainable fashion has to equal natural. The reality is that most fashion products, sustainable ones included, go through a very long, complicated supply chain with many technological and chemical inputs along the way. What’s more a number of nonnatural fibers are said to be more sustainable than natural fibers.

It is not as simple as saying natural means good and man-made means bad. In this context the romantic view of sustainability having a strong connection to nature is questioned and we ask ourselves is a new vision of sustainability in fashion needed?

HYPERNATURAL FASHION – a coming together of sustainability and technological solutions. What would this mean for the industry and what will it look like? And what, if any, are the alternatives? If we want to protect our planet for future generations while providing for its inhabitants’ fashion needs, what will fashion look like in, say, 20 years time?