Theme Beyond Fashion Summit 2012: HYPERNATURE

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 -
Behind the scenes, our team is full steam preparing the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012. Soon more details will be revealed, so stay tuned. One thing we can already tell you: the theme of this years Summit: HYPERNATURE.

Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 is going to be all about innovation in fashion, and the interaction of ecology and technology. With the theme, HYPERNATURE, we aim provoke discussion on how sustainable and technological inventions will change the fashion industry.

In what way can new technologies and digital solutions support sustainable production? A common perception is that sustainable fashion has to equal natural. The reality is that most fashion products, sustainable ones included, go through a very long, complicated supply chain with many technological and chemical inputs along the way.

What’s more a number of non-natural fibers are said to be more sustainable than natural fibers.

It is not as simple as saying natural means good and man-made means bad. In this context the romantic view of sustainability having a strong connection to nature is questioned and we ask ourselves is a new vision of sustainability in fashion needed?

HYPERNATURAL FASHION – a coming together of sustainability and technological solutions. What would this mean for the industry and what will it look like? And what, if any, are the alternatives? If we want to protect our planet for future generations while providing for its inhabitants’ fashion needs, what will fashion look like in, say, 20 years time?

Key visual by photographer Georg Roske

Germany’s first ShirtMob

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 -

What to do with worn T-shirts, that accompanied you in various living situation, but are not of any function for you anymore? That’s right – You can exchange them during Germany’s first ShirtMob! Next Friday, the 27th of April a huge shirt swapping action will take place at Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Initiated by Beyond Berlin and ReShirt this event presents an alternative Recycling concept that will be great fun for all participants! Instead of throwing your old T-shirts into the garbage, you have the possibility to make someone else happy with it and you do something for the environment! Not only the shirt, but also the story connected to it will be passed on.

ReShirt collects worn T-shirts with a special story and helps finding the next owner. Those shirts are labelled with a ReShirt logo and a serial number and from then on can start their second life. Experiences are shared online and can be followed by old and new owner.

Famous Alexanderplatz is going to be the ShirtMob’s first location. Clueless by-passers will be surprised when all those people will start swapping their shirts at the same time. In the centre of consumption, ReShirt’s goal is to present an alternative to the disposable mentality that characterizes the fashion industry and expand the lifecycle of individual garments.

“We want as many people to show up to swap shirts next Friday. People who share a similar mindset and enjoy spontaneous events like this,” says Lara Schillings, former Beyond Berlin intern who worked on the ShirtMob idea together with Frans Prins.

So come and bring all your friends to join the first ShirtMob in Berlin and make a statement!

When & Where

Friday, 27th of April 2012
16:30 gather in front of the cinema Cinestar, find a partner
16:55 move towards world time clock, spread out
17:00 ShirtMob

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Nuna ice – Form follows taste

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 -

Icecream meets design and transcends both. Nuna, a frozen popsicle that claims “Form follows taste” and makes one wonder: is this a piece of art, the German pavilion for the next Expo, or really just a piece of ice design that appeals to all senses?

Nuna is the initiative of the host of our coworking space BCN and architect/artist Manu Kumar and Stefan Gendl from the renown design agency Neubau Berlin. With Nuna, Neubau claims to have implemented for the first time a food-design that goes beyond the formal visual plane.

“Four years ago we first came up with the idea of Nuna. From the beginning we wanted to make something entirely new to revolutionize the purely marketing-driven products currently flooding the ice cream market”, says Manu Kumar. Among the team of international experts that the founders organized to develop Nun’s product is Heiko Antoniewicz, a master chef and a worldwide operating food developer.

The product is not yet on the market, but expected to be launched soon. “Off course,” states Manu Kumar, “The product will be certified organic and we are planning to source the juice ingredients locally as much as possible.”

We are looking forward to the hot summer day where we can taste the first Nuna..

Check more visuals of Nuna here


Esther Perbandt AW2012 collection

Thursday, January 12th, 2012 -

Next week Esther Perbandt will present her Autumn/Winter Collection 2012 at Capsule Berlin. What you can look forward to is a collection kept completely in black with recyclable chains and deconstructed tartan that reminds of elegant aesthetics in old Hitchcock movies. 60 % of the fabrics used for the sample collection are sustainable and with the final collection she aims to increase that amount even more.

The Capsule trade show started in New York in 2007 and made its debut in Berlin last summer. Now for the second time it provides a platform for contemporary fashion and young labels from the premium segment. Edina Sultanik, one of the main organisers explains how they came up with the idea for the new ‘anti’-fair. Unsatisfied with existing fairs, their aim was to create a new fair with an avant-garde touch and cool flair. The first Capsule became an instant success. Read the complete (German) interviewhere.

We are excited to participate this year and present Esther Perbandt’s new collection. So don’t miss stopping by when you come the city next week.



19.-20. January 2012
Thursday 10 am – 7 pm
Friday 10 am – 6 pm


Alte Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin

Esther Perbandt will also display in Milan, Toronto and Singapore this season.
For further information click the links below.



APRIL 24TH – 28TH AT FAT Fashion Art Toronto

MAY 17TH & 18TH AT BLUEPRINT – Asia’s Fashion Trade Gateway Singapore

Toast & Jam Vintage Fashion Fair

Monday, January 9th, 2012 -

During Berlin Fashion Week, we won’t only look at new creations but can also visit a fabulous vintage market that will take place right opposite the Bread & Butter, which is held in the buildings of the old Flughafen Tempelhof again. Toast & Jam, the felicitous name of the three-day Vintage Fashion fair, will happen in the Columbia Club starting Thursday with a Catwalk Show at 17h and ending with a closure party on Saturday. The city magazine Exberliner and the Nowkoelln flea market invited over 30 vintage fashion vendors from Germany and Europe, which will present and sell their treasures from old times.


Jan 19, 11-19h Fair, 17-19h Fashion Show
Jan 20, 11-19h Fair
Jan 21, 11-18h Fair
Jan 21, 22h- open end Party Extravaganza with Burlesque Dancers, DJs & a Band

Columbiadamm 9
10965 Berlin

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The Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide

Friday, January 6th, 2012 -

About ten days to go, and then it’s Berlin Fashion Week again… We recommend you bring your walking shoes this time, as it seems there will be more fairs than ever and the green brands are spread on many of them. Consider it a challenge to catch as many venues as possible..

We have counted over 120 green fashion brands that present themselves at the next Berlin Fashion Week. This is much more than last summer and equals the number of last winter. The rise may be partially due to the debut of Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, which presents most green fashion brands, and it definitely proves the vitality of the green fashion scene.

The brands, the trade shows, the showrooms, the parties – Green fashion is more alive than ever in Berlin.

We wish you a happy fashion week!

Image: dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis, photo by Catherine Conroy.



Armed AngelsA Question ofBlondes make better T-ShirtsCalicampoCaro E.|HaikureI HeartJulie ParkL`Herbe RougeLaniusLes Racines du Ciel |People TreePortocoloniaRaffaufRealeSimon Ese The BaandMisericordia |VejaNoirShakkeiElsien GringhuisRita in PalmaThemataVilla Gaia


Natural World EcoEl NaturalistaMonkee GenesOne Green Elephant Stop The Water While Using MeFrancois & Marithé Girbaud ActliveKnowledge Cotton |K.O.I.Nudie JeansA Question OfAnvilNatural WorldKuiyichi


Alina Schuerfeld Alma & LovisAtelier Laure Paschoud Atlantic LeatherEarly FishGood SocietyHanna FeltingHULAKaschuba HommageKaska Hass |Lanius LeibschneiderMateria PrimaPampa Pop RE 101Reet AusRight as RainRoyal BlushSchmidttakahashiSonja HeymanStewart & BrownStudio Ecocentric The RootersWe3Wellicious |


AehrenkranzBag to lifeBanuqBlauer EngelButtwrapberlinDeSans |Greenpeace Detox CampaignElementumelReinventorEthos ParisGOTS |Göttin des GlücksHarold’sHelvetasHempageHypnosis BerlinIdeoIVN |John W. ShoesKaethe MaerzKaseeeKomodoMaronskiMilchReclothingsRoom to RoamSabine HofiusSamoritoSerendipityStudio JUXSwitcher |Transfair e.V.Trigema Changeuniwearsalwildearthcotton


AlchemistChristina KraemerJulia StarpMandalaPaerls of LajaQueen and PrincessRe-BelloThe BaandXess Baba |




Esther PerbandtMikenkeTwo Thirds


PrivatsachenElemente ClementeSecond ChanceShokayTrippen


Eco Showroom | Slowmo ShowroomWesen Showroom/ Format Favourites |Hypnosis Berlin ShowroomUmasan ShowroomUpcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store – British Upcycling SpecialChangingroom  - Pop Up Shop des Masterstudiengangs der Kunsthochschule Esmod


Tue 17.01 | 17.00 | Opening party British Upcycling Special | Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store

Tue, 17.01 | 18.00 – 21.00 | Mayer Peace Collection Fashion Cocktail | public

Wed 18.01 | 14.00 | Humanity In Fashion Award by Hessnatur | invitation only

Wed 18.01 | 21.00 | Slow Fashion Award ShowLavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Kaska Hass (Couture, Berlin)Lavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Get together mit DJ Robot Koch| Ethical Fashion Show | Visitors only

Thu 19.01 – Sat 21.01 | all day | Toast & Jam – Vintage Fashion Fair | C-Club | public

Thu 19.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Professionals day | Eco Showroom | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | 15.30 | Salonshow | Green Showroom | Invitation only

Thu 19.01 | 18.00 – 19.00 | Podiumsdiskussion| Ethical Fashion Show | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | ab 18.00 | Innatex Lounge| DasHotel | invitation only

Thu 19.01 | ab 19.30 | Julia Starp (Pret-à-Porter, Hamburg)Lavera Showfloor

Thu 19.01 | ab 21.00 | Göttin des Glücks (Urban Wear, Vienna)Lavera Showfloor

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 | Create Green Breakfast with Wolfgang Grupp (CEO Trigema) und Mona Ohlendorf (Designer Trigema Change), Silke Bücker (Vice, Editor-in-Chief TM) and Trade show organizer Magdalena Schaffrin| Ethical Fashion Show | Accreditation:

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Public day | Eco Showroom | public


Guide by Beyond Berlin

The German version of the Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide can be found

Is your brand or event missing? Please leave a comment or contact us by mail.


First CLUBMOB in Berlin

Monday, December 19th, 2011 -

Tonight – we know it’s Monday – but tonight the first CLUBMOB will happen in Kreuzberg’s club SO36. So if you feel like it, join the party and dance the night away into a greener tomorrow! All money that is earned during the event will be reinvested to improve the energy balance of the club. Music – electronic beats of course – by Frieder Blume (Crossfrontier Audio), PaulLee (The Humants, PLSTC PPL) and Vittjas Thief (Kurzurlaub).

5500 Clubs exist in Germany and 300 of those in our capital – one of the main reasons why Berlin gets hyped all around the world right now. But all the Party-Hardy also leads to 90 tons of CO2, the average carbon dioxide emission of one club per year. As reported the SO36 paid 20.000 Euros for electricity last year, 20 times as much as a four-person household spends.

Saving money and energy in clubs without spoiling the fun is the CLUBMOB team’s vision and they managed to find a way to make sustainability more attractive for club owners. In return for the Party tonight, SO36 will get professional advice and consulting on possibilities to save energy in the future, even green electricity provider Naturstrom for the club is under discussion.

23:00 – open end

Oranienstraße 190
10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg

Click here for the facebook event

Watch the promotion video


Debut of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 -

Where to find the best selection of green fashion labels? In Berlin, of course! This January during the Berlin Fashion Week the first edition of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is expected, taking place at the impressive old power station E-werk in Berlin-Mitte. The event has just put their website online (though still only in German) and published the first list of exhibitors. Among them some classic eco-labels such as Komodo, Ideo, Ethos Paris, a selection of up-cycling labels such as Milch and Reclothings, designer labels such as Studio Jux, Elementum and Banuq, and newcomers such as Samorito and Yog:k. Remarkable is the presence of the conventional players Trigema with their Change collection and Otto with their Wild Earth Collection.

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is organized by the Messe Frankfurt, who are also the organizers of the luxury platform Green Showroom in Hotel Adlon, which is located in the same area as the E-Werk.

Next to a trade show for professionals, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin offers an Ethical Fashion Shop that is accessible for the public. The shop is organized by the master students of the “Sustainability in Fashion” Masters programm of the Esmod University in Berlin. The Shop is supervised by Bernd Hausmann from Glore, and also Beyond Berlin‘s Fredericke Winkler and Alexander Bretz  had their input by guiding the students in marketing and communications.

We are looking forward to an interesting Berlin Fashion Week and wish the organizers and exhibitors a good and successful kick-off.

Image (1): the dutch fashion label Studio Jux; Image (2): E-Werk in Berlin-Mitte







1 Sunday of Advent

Friday, November 25th, 2011 -

Yes, it’s already that time of year again.
And every year the same question: Where to look for Christmas presents? Hopefully not in the big shopping malls or commercial chain stores, but rather in a cozy atmosphere at a market in the middle of Neukölln. This Sunday the first “Ladenmarkt” will take place. Natural, sustainable, recycled, handmade and limited is what it says on the poster. If those aren’t the adjectives we like to read. Organized by the karmawerk-soulcial workspace in the café Fincan, a living room like location known for its jazz and cinema events. What can you purchase there? Jewellery, bags, sculptures, children’s clothes, as well as some vegan-vegetarian food and drinks of course.


Sunday, 27th November
11:00 till 17:00

Altenbraker Str. 26
S/U Bahn Hermannstraße


Click here for the facebook event


Opening Party

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 -

For all metropolitans and those who are in Berlin city this Friday: the first Upcycling-Fashion Store will open its doors in the district Mitte and you are all invited. This store will stay for only 3 months in the Linienstr.77 and gives insight into the world of fashionable recycling projects. Labels like AlucEL ReinventorMilch and ReClothing are taking part and this Friday from 4 till 9 pm you can’t only marvel at their work but also enjoy some appetisers, bio-sherbet, bio-beer and music.
Click here for the facebook event


Friday 25th November 11
16:00 – 21:00

10119 Berlin

11:00 – 20:00