Cooking without bones

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 -

The title that sounds even better in German – Kochen ohne Knochen – already says it all, vegan cuisine for the hip eco-aware consumer. Cooking without bones is a booklet with recipes for people who don’t eat meat and want an alternative to conventional vegetarian cookbooks – or healthy diet magazines.

Besides recipes, a restaurant check for several German cities is part of the KOK concept, as well as interviews and articles dealing with a better and more sustainable way of eating.

Where you can buy the booklet? At many German station’s bookstalls, in selected Bio-stores or order it online here.
Maybe you can also take a glance next time you missed the train and wait for the next one.

Cooking without bones belongs to the Ox publishing house, which also publishes cookbooks and magazines ‘for punks and other people.’

We like the fun twist to it.

Four Paws publishes ‘Poison in fur’ report

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 -

On behalf of the animal welfare foundation Four PawsEcoAid by Manfred Krautter tested whether furs in fashion can affect the health of consumers or sales staff. And as some might think furs are natural products, they do actually contain a lot of different chemical substances that can harm your body. As if the fur industry itself isn’t cruel enough, fur-bearing animals kept and killed in terrible conditions, this is a danger that comes on top of all this. Hardly any investigations have been made before although evidence of toxic chemicals was found in related product groups such as leather.

In an independent specialist laboratory various fur products, such as collars and scarves were tested. The result: children’s clothing with fur edging contained the most poisonous substances (a child’s jacket from Airfield Young Generation) and almost all of the mink, fox and raccoon furs are contaminated with chemicals that are hazardous to health.

It is now up to German’s Government and the EU to pass a law concerning legal limits for fur products, this is what Four Paws and EcoAid suggest in their conclusion. So far no specific legal limits exist.

“As a preventive measure to protect their health and for the protection of animals consumer should not buy fur products.”
We very much agree!


For the English report click here

For the complete study in German ‘Gift im Pelz’ click here


Image by Holly Dinsdale


PPR dates planet with environmental account

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 -

The french multinational enterprise PPR, known for retail and luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella Mc Cartney and Puma, announced to commit to an environmental profit and loss account by 2015. After PUMA developed and presented this account for their company and published the first results, now the whole PPR Group will follow and publicly rank, spank and thank their impact on the planet.

The operation goes on the account of former PUMA-Chairman Jochen Zeitz and is managed by PPR Home, a new sustainability department of PPR, probably better known from the movie HOME. The steps of the multinational make clear, that the topic of corporate transparency is gaining terrain and also main players want to sit on the bright side of the planet and clean up their corporate karma.

It is to hope that the group will meanwhile not only monitor their environmental impact but will also do everything to reduce it, also before 2015 (they probably need 3 years to clean up some stuff before publishing about it). And while being busy with the planet, also sweat day and night to get fair living wages and labor conditions in place.

We will anyway need to rely on other sources such as Wegreen as well, to know what’s up with the brands we buy. And if not committed by the companies themselves, public pressure like recently around the Greenpeace detox campaign might help to get things in the right direction. Because we all have a date with the planet…