Portable dyer’s workshop

Friday, November 25th, 2011 -

Look, what we discovered. With this special portable dying set you can make your own natural dye from plants and berries. It comes in a kit, in a wooden suitcase and looks really pretty. Studio Swine is behind this nice idea and was inspired by America’s tradition of travelling salesman. Each kid includes a pack of seeds and instructions on how to produce your own dye at home. On their website you can find a recipe to make Blackberry Dye to colour your white socks purple or give them a special batik look for instance. Via strawberry Earth

Via strawberry Earth

Meeting Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Aranha

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 -

Flavia Aranha is an upcoming fashion designer from Brazil. She uses natural dyes and pigments and sustainable materials to create her collections. I had the unique chance to visit her in her studio in Sao Paulo.

Recently I was invited to Sao Paulo by the Goethe Institute to give a workshop during the Culture/Futures Conference Eco Leadership by Cultural Institutions taking place in the context of the C40 climate summit.

During my stay in Sao Paulo I visited the brazilian fashion designer Flavia Aranha in her studio and shop in the unexpected village-like area Vila Madalena. The studio was situated in picturesque backyard, meanwhile opening a new store at a more frequented street in the area.

Flavia is dyeing with natural dyes and pigments, mainly with help of native Brazilian plants. The plants are harvested and processed by small farmers and local communities in Brazil.

Together with Flavia I visited her natural dying expert, who has his work base just around the corner. In a cute artisan house he is experimenting with pigments and dyes; but his main work seems to be in visiting rural areas and communities to gain knowledge about plants and their substances. He expressed that the interest in his work has increased a lot in the past years – including requests from conventional fashion houses.