The Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 is organized at the STATION Berlin together with the Summit of Newthinking. Two Summits, one date, one location. Where the Beyond Fashion Summit looks for ways to improve sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry, the Summit of Newthinking is all about open strategies. Participants of the Beyond Fashion Summit also have access to the programm of the Summit of Newthinking.

The events have a common drive for more openness and transparency in society and an interest in using new technologies to accomplish that. Andreas Gebhard of Newthinking: “What we share is a mission to change the way we organize our economy and our culture: with more openness and
more respect for our commons and resources. With our conference we would like to offer a platform for these changes.”

Common Press Release with Summit of Newthinking 9-11-12

Watch this nice video (in German) by the people from newthinking!