Summit 2011

The Beyond Fashion Summit 2011 took place at Esmod University, Berlin on the theme CREATING VALUES. This, the inaugural edition looked at redefining design aesthetics within a sustainable context. Strategies were developed to show that sustainable fashion not only creates ecological and social values; it also brings along unique new design principles and aesthetic guidelines.

Speakers included sustainable fashion pioneers such as Tamsin Lejeune (Ethical Fashion Forum), Nur Basaran (Kuyichi) and Aurelyen (Misericordia), as well as ‘conventional’ fashion players such as Francois Girbaud (F&M Girbaud) and Melanie Kuntnawitz ( Jack Wolfskin). Beyond Fashion Summit 2011 saw over 100 participants from a diverse field: retailers, designers, consultants, NGO representatives, journalists and postgraduate students.

Participants and speakers of the Beyond Fashion Summit 2011 sum up their experience:

Francois Girbaud (Francois & Marithé Girbaud): “This kind of summit gives the possibility to meet people who share the same values and to adjust argumentation. It gives the strength necessary to move trade and consumer habits and to put together common energy we become stronger.”

Melanie Kuntnawitz (Jack Wolfskin): “A successful event in all its aspects. The program was very diversified and offered deep insights and various perspectives on taking responsibility in the textile industry. The Beyond Fashion Summit is a felicitous platform for knowledge exchange on all areas of sustainability.”

Ulrike Ott (Board Member of IVN and store owner): “It was an interesting, intense and well organized event, full of information and good dialogs!”

Laura Santamaria (Sublime Magazine): We were honoured to be presented among such a prestigious panel!

Paula Kermfors (Righteous Fashion): “Thank you for a very nice and well organized conference. You guys really did a great job, congratulations to that!“

Review on ‘Frau Jona&Son’ blog: “The diversity of the participants was superb and it was definitely worth the trip. New contacts and deepening the existing ones. Where else can one meet environmental scientists, sociologists, neo-fashionistas and activists in one venue?”