Garden of Good: green fashion in Copenhagen

Mittwoch, Januar 25th, 2012 -

Sustainable fashion showrooms and platforms are conquering the fashion weeks in Europe. After the recent launch of Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and MINT in Amsterdam, a presence of sustainable fashion in Copenhagen seems to be a logical development.

From 2nd until 4th February the creative community ArtRebels will organize a showroom at Gallery in Copenhagen as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week. They will be showcasing a selection of designers including Underprotection, MaxJenny, SCA ULVEN, Maska, and Phucisme.

The showroom Garden of Good is dedicated to sustainable production. ArtRebels has selected brands with interesting stories, innovative design and sustainable and fair trade practices. Their goal is to challenge the perception that sustainable design is puritanical, and instead present it as interesting and innovative.

ArtRebels is a creative community based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that unites designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and other creative souls from all over the world. Their mission is to create, promote and support creative projects while endorsing social responsibility, and to move people and businesses in new directions.


The Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide

Freitag, Januar 6th, 2012 -

About ten days to go, and then it’s Berlin Fashion Week again… We recommend you bring your walking shoes this time, as it seems there will be more fairs than ever and the green brands are spread on many of them. Consider it a challenge to catch as many venues as possible..

We have counted over 120 green fashion brands that present themselves at the next Berlin Fashion Week. This is much more than last summer and equals the number of last winter. The rise may be partially due to the debut of Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, which presents most green fashion brands, and it definitely proves the vitality of the green fashion scene.

The brands, the trade shows, the showrooms, the parties – Green fashion is more alive than ever in Berlin.

We wish you a happy fashion week!

Image: dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis, exhibiting at Premium, photo by Catherine Conroy.



Armed Angels | A Question of | Blondes make better T-Shirts | Calicampo | Caro E.| Haikure | I Heart | Julie Park | L`Herbe Rouge | Lanius | Les Racines du Ciel | People Tree | Portocolonia | Raffauf | Reale | Simon Ese | The Baand | Misericordia | Veja | Noir | Shakkei | Elsien Gringhuis | Rita in Palma | Themata | Villa Gaia


Natural World Eco | El Naturalista | Monkee Genes | One Green Elephant | Stop The Water While Using Me | Francois & Marithé Girbaud Actlive | Knowledge Cotton | K.O.I. | Nudie Jeans | A Question Of | Anvil | Natural World | Kuiyichi


Alina Schuerfeld | Alma & Lovis | Atelier Laure Paschoud | Atlantic Leather | Early Fish | Good Society | Hanna Felting | HULA | Kaschuba Hommage | Kaska Hass | Lanius | Leibschneider | Materia Prima | Pampa Pop | RE 101 | Reet Aus | Right as Rain | Royal Blush | Schmidttakahashi | Sonja Heyman | Stewart & Brown | Studio Ecocentric | The Rooters | We3 | Wellicious |


Aehrenkranz | Bag to life | Banuq | Blauer Engel | Buttwrapberlin | DeSans | Greenpeace Detox Campaign | Elementum | elReinventor | Ethos Paris | GOTS | Göttin des Glücks | Harold’s | Helvetas | Hempage | Hypnosis Berlin | Ideo | IVN | John W. Shoes | Kaethe Maerz | Kaseee | Komodo | Maronski | Milch | Reclothings | Room to Roam | Sabine Hofius | Samorito | Serendipity | Studio JUX | Switcher | Transfair e.V. | Trigema Change | uniwearsal | wildearthcotton


Alchemist | Christina Kraemer | Julia Starp | Mandala | Paerls of Laja | Queen and Princess | Re-Bello | The Baand | Xess Baba |


Olow | Rmblr | Treches


Esther Perbandt | Mikenke | Two Thirds


Privatsachen | Elemente Clemente | Second Chance | Shokay | Trippen


Eco Showroom | Slowmo Showroom | Wesen Showroom/ Format Favourites | Hypnosis Berlin Showroom | Umasan Showroom | Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store – British Upcycling Special | Changingroom  - Pop Up Shop des Masterstudiengangs der Kunsthochschule Esmod


Tue 17.01 | 17.00 | Opening party British Upcycling Special | Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store

Tue, 17.01 | 18.00 – 21.00 | Mayer Peace Collection Fashion Cocktail | public

Wed 18.01 | 14.00 | Humanity In Fashion Award by Hessnatur | invitation only

Wed 18.01 | 21.00 | Slow Fashion Award Show | Lavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Kaska Hass (Couture, Berlin) | Lavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Get together mit DJ Robot Koch| Ethical Fashion Show | Visitors only

Thu 19.01 – Sat 21.01 | all day | Toast & Jam – Vintage Fashion Fair | C-Club | public

Thu 19.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Professionals day | Eco Showroom | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | 15.30 | Salonshow | Green Showroom | Invitation only

Thu 19.01 | 18.00 – 19.00 | Podiumsdiskussion| Ethical Fashion Show | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | ab 18.00 | Innatex Lounge| DasHotel | invitation only

Thu 19.01 | ab 19.30 | Julia Starp (Pret-à-Porter, Hamburg)| Lavera Showfloor

Thu 19.01 | ab 21.00 | Göttin des Glücks (Urban Wear, Vienna) | Lavera Showfloor

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 | Create Green Breakfast with Wolfgang Grupp (CEO Trigema) und Mona Ohlendorf (Designer Trigema Change), Silke Bücker (Vice, Editor-in-Chief TM) and Trade show organizer Magdalena Schaffrin| Ethical Fashion Show | Accreditation:

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Public day | Eco Showroom | public


Guide by Beyond Berlin

The German version of the Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide can be found on

Is your brand or event missing? Please leave a comment or contact us by mail.

Holy Shit Shopping in Hamburg

Dienstag, Dezember 13th, 2011 -

For the last time this year the Holy Shit Shopping presents itself in Hamburg. This weekend in a hall of the Hamburg Messe 200 designers and artists will offer handmade products. From fashion and jewellery, books and photography through to organic olive oil from Greece you can chose from a colourful mix of treasures and find special Christmas presents. I visited the Holy Shit Shopping two weeks ago in the Alte Münze in Berlin but now I can’t tell you what I got there, because it should still be a surprise on Christmas Eve. What I can do is recommend this event with its cozy atmosphere. Only the food was quite minimalistic, so bring your own to survive your route through lots of creative products and interesting ideas.

Click here for a list of designers

17. + 18. December 2011
12:00 – 22:00

Hamburg Messe / Halle B3
Am Messeplatz 1
20357 Hamburg


Four Paws publishes ‘Poison in fur’ report

Donnerstag, Dezember 8th, 2011 -

On behalf of the animal welfare foundation Four Paws, EcoAid by Manfred Krautter tested whether furs in fashion can affect the health of consumers or sales staff. And as some might think furs are natural products, they do actually contain a lot of different chemical substances that can harm your body. As if the fur industry itself isn’t cruel enough, fur-bearing animals kept and killed in terrible conditions, this is a danger that comes on top of all this. Hardly any investigations have been made before although evidence of toxic chemicals was found in related product groups such as leather.

In an independent specialist laboratory various fur products, such as collars and scarves were tested. The result: children’s clothing with fur edging contained the most poisonous substances (a child’s jacket from Airfield Young Generation) and almost all of the mink, fox and raccoon furs are contaminated with chemicals that are hazardous to health.

It is now up to German’s Government and the EU to pass a law concerning legal limits for fur products, this is what Four Paws and EcoAid suggest in their conclusion. So far no specific legal limits exist.

“As a preventive measure to protect their health and for the protection of animals consumer should not buy fur products.”
We very much agree!


For the English report click here

For the complete study in German ‘Gift im Pelz’ click here


Image by Holly Dinsdale


Montag, Dezember 5th, 2011 -

Professor Mark Starmanns who was also one of our most popular speakers at the Beyond Fashion Summit is part of the team behind the online platform NETZWERKFAIREMODE (Fair Fashion Network). This network specialized on presenting businesses and companies, well-established ones as well as young fashion brands from the green segment. Besides Mark Starmanns the team consists of Katharina Wehrli, Jacqueline Häusler and Irina Starmanns who are all convinced that fashion needs more fairness. With their shopping guide and blog, NETZWERKFAIREMODE wants to increase transparency within the sustainable fashion market and inform consumers about ecological and fairly produced products. Consulting for fashion businesses that want to become greener in terms of production, marketing or marketing opportunities is the second key aspect that NETZWERKFAIREMODE focuses on. If that doesn’t sound familiar.

Until December 12th you can take part in a survey, carried out to optimize the online portal. Among all participants 10 Pants of Pants to Poverty are being raffled. Take part!

MINT – Forward Fashion at Modefabriek

Freitag, Dezember 2nd, 2011 -

We are looking forward to the 22nd and 23rd of January 2012 because that’s when MINT will take place for the second time – a new event for the future of fashion – fashion made with respect for people, animals and the environment, without concession in style. The Modefabriek in Amsterdam, a well-established fair where 600 brands exhibit is now giving MINT the opportunity to be part of the trade show and to bring a green department into the big factory building. Here 20 Fashion brands and 5 Lifestyle stands will have enough space to present themselves.

Some of those brands are:



Elsien Gringhuis


L’Herbe Rouge

Monkee Genes

OAT shoes

olsen Haus

People Tree


studio JUX

Twin Couture


Besides the fair you can enjoy live performances, food and beverages as well as a concept store where visitors can purchase books, fashion, beauty and design products. Sound like a promising event that combines both fashion and sustainability in an authentic way.


22nd & 23rd January
10:00 – 18:00

Amsterdam RAI
Europaplein 8
1078 GZ Amsterdam

Check out the video to get an impression