Theme Beyond Fashion Summit 2012: HYPERNATURE

Mittwoch, Juni 20th, 2012 -
Behind the scenes, our team is full steam preparing the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012. Soon more details will be revealed, so stay tuned. One thing we can already tell you: the theme of this years Summit: HYPERNATURE.

Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 is going to be all about innovation in fashion, and the interaction of ecology and technology. With the theme, HYPERNATURE, we aim provoke discussion on how sustainable and technological inventions will change the fashion industry.

In what way can new technologies and digital solutions support sustainable production? A common perception is that sustainable fashion has to equal natural. The reality is that most fashion products, sustainable ones included, go through a very long, complicated supply chain with many technological and chemical inputs along the way.

What’s more a number of non-natural fibers are said to be more sustainable than natural fibers.

It is not as simple as saying natural means good and man-made means bad. In this context the romantic view of sustainability having a strong connection to nature is questioned and we ask ourselves is a new vision of sustainability in fashion needed?

HYPERNATURAL FASHION – a coming together of sustainability and technological solutions. What would this mean for the industry and what will it look like? And what, if any, are the alternatives? If we want to protect our planet for future generations while providing for its inhabitants’ fashion needs, what will fashion look like in, say, 20 years time?

Key visual by photographer Georg Roske

Studio JUX wins Green Fashion Competition

Dienstag, Januar 31st, 2012 -

Dutch fashion brand Studio JUX have won the main price of the Green Fashion Competition! The price comes with 25.000 EUR and was handed over by dutch minister of economic affairs Verhagen. Among the guests was also crown princess Maxima.

The price winners definately deserve it – we know only a few brands that create a good design and are so closely involved with their production – designer Jitske Lundgren lives most of the time in Nepal, where she manages their own production factory.

The Jury about Studio JUX: “This brand clearly addresses biodiversity issues in the fashion industry and provides a very good overview of materials used, related certifications and sourcing locations. The designs are modern, and simple but interesting enough not to bore. The playful and colourful designs are striking.” The jury believes that this company can have a true impact on the communication of green labels and a that it has a thorough understanding of biodiversity and sustainability in general, the business plan even included a Life cycle analysis of CO2 emissions. “The business plan reads that the brand means ‘Fun’ in German. We would not be surprised if it means ‘Sustainable’ in Nepalese.”

The winner in the category young brands, worth 15.000 EUR, is the US designer Carrie Perry. The Jury: “This label launches modern clothes with a nonchalant touch, which are for a sophisticated and conscious target market. The plan displays a sound knowledge on sustainability issues and biodiversity, including the right choice of materials and a strong supply chain focus. Sustainability is thoroughly integrated in the work of the company by means of a clear mission, values and guiding principles on sustainability.”

With the green fashion competition, the topic of sustainable fashion has become a place on the main stage in The Netherlands. Hopefully it will be an example for other countries to follow and create a relevant main stage for sustainable fashion design.

Congratulations to the winners!


Toast & Jam Vintage Fashion Fair

Montag, Januar 9th, 2012 -

During Berlin Fashion Week, we won’t only look at new creations but can also visit a fabulous vintage market that will take place right opposite the Bread & Butter, which is held in the buildings of the old Flughafen Tempelhof again. Toast & Jam, the felicitous name of the three-day Vintage Fashion fair, will happen in the Columbia Club starting Thursday with a Catwalk Show at 17h and ending with a closure party on Saturday. The city magazine Exberliner and the Nowkoelln flea market invited over 30 vintage fashion vendors from Germany and Europe, which will present and sell their treasures from old times.


Jan 19, 11-19h Fair, 17-19h Fashion Show
Jan 20, 11-19h Fair
Jan 21, 11-18h Fair
Jan 21, 22h- open end Party Extravaganza with Burlesque Dancers, DJs & a Band

Columbiadamm 9
10965 Berlin

Click here for the facebook event

The Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide

Freitag, Januar 6th, 2012 -

About ten days to go, and then it’s Berlin Fashion Week again… We recommend you bring your walking shoes this time, as it seems there will be more fairs than ever and the green brands are spread on many of them. Consider it a challenge to catch as many venues as possible..

We have counted over 120 green fashion brands that present themselves at the next Berlin Fashion Week. This is much more than last summer and equals the number of last winter. The rise may be partially due to the debut of Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, which presents most green fashion brands, and it definitely proves the vitality of the green fashion scene.

The brands, the trade shows, the showrooms, the parties – Green fashion is more alive than ever in Berlin.

We wish you a happy fashion week!

Image: dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis, exhibiting at Premium, photo by Catherine Conroy.



Armed Angels | A Question of | Blondes make better T-Shirts | Calicampo | Caro E.| Haikure | I Heart | Julie Park | L`Herbe Rouge | Lanius | Les Racines du Ciel | People Tree | Portocolonia | Raffauf | Reale | Simon Ese | The Baand | Misericordia | Veja | Noir | Shakkei | Elsien Gringhuis | Rita in Palma | Themata | Villa Gaia


Natural World Eco | El Naturalista | Monkee Genes | One Green Elephant | Stop The Water While Using Me | Francois & Marithé Girbaud Actlive | Knowledge Cotton | K.O.I. | Nudie Jeans | A Question Of | Anvil | Natural World | Kuiyichi


Alina Schuerfeld | Alma & Lovis | Atelier Laure Paschoud | Atlantic Leather | Early Fish | Good Society | Hanna Felting | HULA | Kaschuba Hommage | Kaska Hass | Lanius | Leibschneider | Materia Prima | Pampa Pop | RE 101 | Reet Aus | Right as Rain | Royal Blush | Schmidttakahashi | Sonja Heyman | Stewart & Brown | Studio Ecocentric | The Rooters | We3 | Wellicious |


Aehrenkranz | Bag to life | Banuq | Blauer Engel | Buttwrapberlin | DeSans | Greenpeace Detox Campaign | Elementum | elReinventor | Ethos Paris | GOTS | Göttin des Glücks | Harold’s | Helvetas | Hempage | Hypnosis Berlin | Ideo | IVN | John W. Shoes | Kaethe Maerz | Kaseee | Komodo | Maronski | Milch | Reclothings | Room to Roam | Sabine Hofius | Samorito | Serendipity | Studio JUX | Switcher | Transfair e.V. | Trigema Change | uniwearsal | wildearthcotton


Alchemist | Christina Kraemer | Julia Starp | Mandala | Paerls of Laja | Queen and Princess | Re-Bello | The Baand | Xess Baba |


Olow | Rmblr | Treches


Esther Perbandt | Mikenke | Two Thirds


Privatsachen | Elemente Clemente | Second Chance | Shokay | Trippen


Eco Showroom | Slowmo Showroom | Wesen Showroom/ Format Favourites | Hypnosis Berlin Showroom | Umasan Showroom | Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store – British Upcycling Special | Changingroom  - Pop Up Shop des Masterstudiengangs der Kunsthochschule Esmod


Tue 17.01 | 17.00 | Opening party British Upcycling Special | Upcycling Fashion Pop-Up Store

Tue, 17.01 | 18.00 – 21.00 | Mayer Peace Collection Fashion Cocktail | public

Wed 18.01 | 14.00 | Humanity In Fashion Award by Hessnatur | invitation only

Wed 18.01 | 21.00 | Slow Fashion Award Show | Lavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Kaska Hass (Couture, Berlin) | Lavera Showfloor

Wed 18.01 | ab 20.00 | Get together mit DJ Robot Koch| Ethical Fashion Show | Visitors only

Thu 19.01 – Sat 21.01 | all day | Toast & Jam – Vintage Fashion Fair | C-Club | public

Thu 19.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Professionals day | Eco Showroom | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | 15.30 | Salonshow | Green Showroom | Invitation only

Thu 19.01 | 18.00 – 19.00 | Podiumsdiskussion| Ethical Fashion Show | Professionals only

Thu 19.01 | ab 18.00 | Innatex Lounge| DasHotel | invitation only

Thu 19.01 | ab 19.30 | Julia Starp (Pret-à-Porter, Hamburg)| Lavera Showfloor

Thu 19.01 | ab 21.00 | Göttin des Glücks (Urban Wear, Vienna) | Lavera Showfloor

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 | Create Green Breakfast with Wolfgang Grupp (CEO Trigema) und Mona Ohlendorf (Designer Trigema Change), Silke Bücker (Vice, Editor-in-Chief TM) and Trade show organizer Magdalena Schaffrin| Ethical Fashion Show | Accreditation:

Fri 20.01 | 11.00 – 18.00 | Public day | Eco Showroom | public


Guide by Beyond Berlin

The German version of the Berlin Fashion Week Eco Guide can be found on

Is your brand or event missing? Please leave a comment or contact us by mail.

Debut of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Mittwoch, Dezember 7th, 2011 -

Where to find the best selection of green fashion labels? In Berlin, of course! This January during the Berlin Fashion Week the first edition of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is expected, taking place at the impressive old power station E-werk in Berlin-Mitte. The event has just put their website online (though still only in German) and published the first list of exhibitors. Among them some classic eco-labels such as Komodo, Ideo, Ethos Paris, a selection of up-cycling labels such as Milch and Reclothings, designer labels such as Studio Jux, Elementum and Banuq, and newcomers such as Samorito and Yog:k. Remarkable is the presence of the conventional players Trigema with their Change collection and Otto with their Wild Earth Collection.

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is organized by the Messe Frankfurt, who are also the organizers of the luxury platform Green Showroom in Hotel Adlon, which is located in the same area as the E-Werk.

Next to a trade show for professionals, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin offers an Ethical Fashion Shop that is accessible for the public. The shop is organized by the master students of the “Sustainability in Fashion” Masters programm of the Esmod University in Berlin. The Shop is supervised by Bernd Hausmann from Glore, and also Beyond Berlin‘s Fredericke Winkler and Alexander Bretz  had their input by guiding the students in marketing and communications.

We are looking forward to an interesting Berlin Fashion Week and wish the organizers and exhibitors a good and successful kick-off.

Image (1): the dutch fashion label Studio Jux; Image (2): E-Werk in Berlin-Mitte








Montag, Dezember 5th, 2011 -

Professor Mark Starmanns who was also one of our most popular speakers at the Beyond Fashion Summit is part of the team behind the online platform NETZWERKFAIREMODE (Fair Fashion Network). This network specialized on presenting businesses and companies, well-established ones as well as young fashion brands from the green segment. Besides Mark Starmanns the team consists of Katharina Wehrli, Jacqueline Häusler and Irina Starmanns who are all convinced that fashion needs more fairness. With their shopping guide and blog, NETZWERKFAIREMODE wants to increase transparency within the sustainable fashion market and inform consumers about ecological and fairly produced products. Consulting for fashion businesses that want to become greener in terms of production, marketing or marketing opportunities is the second key aspect that NETZWERKFAIREMODE focuses on. If that doesn’t sound familiar.

Until December 12th you can take part in a survey, carried out to optimize the online portal. Among all participants 10 Pants of Pants to Poverty are being raffled. Take part!

Froh über das FROH! Magazin

Mittwoch, November 30th, 2011 -

Froh: Der Name ist Programm, denn das Gesellschaftsmagazin erfüllt mit schönem Bildmaterial und interessanten Beiträgen aus Kultur, nachhaltigen Lebenskonzepten und einem Hauch von Spiritualität alle seelischen Bedürfnisse seiner Leser. Das FROH! Magazin erscheint drei mal im Jahr und beschäftigt sich mit jeweils einem aktuellen Themenschwerpunkt wie z.B. „Licht“, „Unterwegs“ oder „Luxus“ – welches die letzte Ausgaben zierte. Das Design des Magazins ist schlicht gehalten. Reizüberflutung kommt auch auf Grund von ökologischem Papier und pflanzlich basierten Farben nicht zu Stande.

Seinen Ursprung nahm das FROH! Magazin 2008 im Rahmen der „Frohe Weihnachten“ – Aktion des Social Business’ motoki-Kollektiv in Köln. In der ersten Ausgabe ging es knapp 90 Seiten lang um das Thema Weihnachten. Dieses Konzept wurde eingehalten, jede Ausgabe konzentriert sich inhaltlich und gestalterisch auf ein Thema, dass zur Zeit für unsere Gesellschaft von Wichtigkeit ist. In der „Luxus“ Ausgabe schreiben Schriftsteller Größen wir Frank Schätzing, bekannt durch sein Buch „Der Schwarm“ aber auch Jungautoren und neue talentierte Illustratoren tragen ihren Teil bei.

Weil uns das Magazin so froh stimmt, freuen wir uns besonders darüber, dass Lena von Beyond Berlin auch an der letzten Ausgabe beteiligt war. Für die Mode Strecke „Anziehungskraft – Produkte zum Verlieben“ schlug sie grüne Brands vor und stellte die Outfits zusammen. Illustrator Pat Manon hat die Seiten wiederum künstlerisch in Szene gesetzt. Somit sind nicht nur die Produkte zum Verlieben sondern das gesamte 10-seitige Editorial als Solches. Womöglich sogar auf den ersten Blick. Das könnt ihr ja mal ausprobieren.

Das FROH! Magazin ist mit 10 € nicht das günstigste untern den Printmedien bietet dem Leser aber ein authentisches Gesamtwerk bei dem die Herausgeber vor allem großen Wert auf Inhalt legen und komplett auf Werbung verzichten. Somit gehört das FROH! Magazin auch zu den Independent-Titeln, eine Reihe von deutschen Zeitschriftenneugründungen, die nicht von einem Großverlag oder Medienkonzern herausgebracht werden. Vergleichbar mit „Dummy“, „Monopol“, „Sleek“ oder „Enorm“ haben diese relativ neuen Zeitschriften eindeutig Sammlerwert. Sie zeichnen sich oft durch Mut zu einzelnen Themen und durch besondere Gestaltungsformen aus. Zusätzlich unterstützt FROH! mit 50 Cent pro verkauftem Exemplar ein jeweils anderes gutes Projekt, dass im Magazin vorgestellt wird. Bei der letzten Ausgabe kam der Erlös der „Aktion Brotkorb“ zu Gute.

Mit u.a. : Studio Jux, EKN, OAT, Milch, Harolds, Kami, Studio Ecocentric und Camilla Norrback

Opening Party

Mittwoch, November 23rd, 2011 -

For all metropolitans and those who are in Berlin city this Friday: the first Upcycling-Fashion Store will open its doors in the district Mitte and you are all invited. This store will stay for only 3 months in the Linienstr.77 and gives insight into the world of fashionable recycling projects. Labels like Aluc, EL Reinventor, Milch and ReClothing are taking part and this Friday from 4 till 9 pm you can’t only marvel at their work but also enjoy some appetisers, bio-sherbet, bio-beer and music.
Click here for the facebook event


Friday 25th November 11
16:00 – 21:00

10119 Berlin

11:00 – 20:00


PPR dates planet with environmental account

Donnerstag, November 17th, 2011 -

The french multinational enterprise PPR, known for retail and luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella Mc Cartney and Puma, announced to commit to an environmental profit and loss account by 2015. After PUMA developed and presented this account for their company and published the first results, now the whole PPR Group will follow and publicly rank, spank and thank their impact on the planet.

The operation goes on the account of former PUMA-Chairman Jochen Zeitz and is managed by PPR Home, a new sustainability department of PPR, probably better known from the movie HOME. The steps of the multinational make clear, that the topic of corporate transparency is gaining terrain and also main players want to sit on the bright side of the planet and clean up their corporate karma.

It is to hope that the group will meanwhile not only monitor their environmental impact but will also do everything to reduce it, also before 2015 (they probably need 3 years to clean up some stuff before publishing about it). And while being busy with the planet, also sweat day and night to get fair living wages and labor conditions in place.

We will anyway need to rely on other sources such as Wegreen as well, to know what’s up with the brands we buy. And if not committed by the companies themselves, public pressure like recently around the Greenpeace detox campaign might help to get things in the right direction. Because we all have a date with the planet…


Meeting Brazilian fashion designer Flavia Aranha

Donnerstag, Juni 30th, 2011 -

Flavia Aranha is an upcoming fashion designer from Brazil. She uses natural dyes and pigments and sustainable materials to create her collections. I had the unique chance to visit her in her studio in Sao Paulo.

Recently I was invited to Sao Paulo by the Goethe Institute to give a workshop during the Culture/Futures Conference Eco Leadership by Cultural Institutions taking place in the context of the C40 climate summit.

During my stay in Sao Paulo I visited the brazilian fashion designer Flavia Aranha in her studio and shop in the unexpected village-like area Vila Madalena. The studio was situated in picturesque backyard, meanwhile opening a new store at a more frequented street in the area.

Flavia is dyeing with natural dyes and pigments, mainly with help of native Brazilian plants. The plants are harvested and processed by small farmers and local communities in Brazil.

Together with Flavia I visited her natural dying expert, who has his work base just around the corner. In a cute artisan house he is experimenting with pigments and dyes; but his main work seems to be in visiting rural areas and communities to gain knowledge about plants and their substances. He expressed that the interest in his work has increased a lot in the past years – including requests from conventional fashion houses.