Froh über das FROH! Magazin

Mittwoch, November 30th, 2011 -

Froh: Der Name ist Programm, denn das Gesellschaftsmagazin erfüllt mit schönem Bildmaterial und interessanten Beiträgen aus Kultur, nachhaltigen Lebenskonzepten und einem Hauch von Spiritualität alle seelischen Bedürfnisse seiner Leser. Das FROH! Magazin erscheint drei mal im Jahr und beschäftigt sich mit jeweils einem aktuellen Themenschwerpunkt wie z.B. „Licht“, „Unterwegs“ oder „Luxus“ – welches die letzte Ausgaben zierte. Das Design des Magazins ist schlicht gehalten. Reizüberflutung kommt auch auf Grund von ökologischem Papier und pflanzlich basierten Farben nicht zu Stande.

Seinen Ursprung nahm das FROH! Magazin 2008 im Rahmen der „Frohe Weihnachten“ – Aktion des Social Business’ motoki-Kollektiv in Köln. In der ersten Ausgabe ging es knapp 90 Seiten lang um das Thema Weihnachten. Dieses Konzept wurde eingehalten, jede Ausgabe konzentriert sich inhaltlich und gestalterisch auf ein Thema, dass zur Zeit für unsere Gesellschaft von Wichtigkeit ist. In der „Luxus“ Ausgabe schreiben Schriftsteller Größen wir Frank Schätzing, bekannt durch sein Buch „Der Schwarm“ aber auch Jungautoren und neue talentierte Illustratoren tragen ihren Teil bei.

Weil uns das Magazin so froh stimmt, freuen wir uns besonders darüber, dass Lena von Beyond Berlin auch an der letzten Ausgabe beteiligt war. Für die Mode Strecke „Anziehungskraft – Produkte zum Verlieben“ schlug sie grüne Brands vor und stellte die Outfits zusammen. Illustrator Pat Manon hat die Seiten wiederum künstlerisch in Szene gesetzt. Somit sind nicht nur die Produkte zum Verlieben sondern das gesamte 10-seitige Editorial als Solches. Womöglich sogar auf den ersten Blick. Das könnt ihr ja mal ausprobieren.

Das FROH! Magazin ist mit 10 € nicht das günstigste untern den Printmedien bietet dem Leser aber ein authentisches Gesamtwerk bei dem die Herausgeber vor allem großen Wert auf Inhalt legen und komplett auf Werbung verzichten. Somit gehört das FROH! Magazin auch zu den Independent-Titeln, eine Reihe von deutschen Zeitschriftenneugründungen, die nicht von einem Großverlag oder Medienkonzern herausgebracht werden. Vergleichbar mit „Dummy“, „Monopol“, „Sleek“ oder „Enorm“ haben diese relativ neuen Zeitschriften eindeutig Sammlerwert. Sie zeichnen sich oft durch Mut zu einzelnen Themen und durch besondere Gestaltungsformen aus. Zusätzlich unterstützt FROH! mit 50 Cent pro verkauftem Exemplar ein jeweils anderes gutes Projekt, dass im Magazin vorgestellt wird. Bei der letzten Ausgabe kam der Erlös der „Aktion Brotkorb“ zu Gute.

Mit u.a. : Studio Jux, EKN, OAT, Milch, Harolds, Kami, Studio Ecocentric und Camilla Norrback

Irina Werning – Back to the Future

Montag, November 28th, 2011 -

On I found the second edition of Irina Werning’s project “Back to the Future”. Werning has a real thing for old photographs and for the story behind them, which is why she recreates pictures from the past together with people in several cities of the world. We can see the same person in the same outfit at the same location but then 20, 30 years later or more. What she created is a very nice series of images! Take a look yourself…

Her next stop will be in New Delhi, India where she is also looking for people and their photographs, which she can then restyle and recreate together with them. So that means we can look forward to part three!


Parsons student designs zero waste anorak

Montag, November 28th, 2011 -

As part of the Fashion Design and Sustainability class at Parsons Design school in New York the eco-fashion label Loomstate set up a competition this year. The recently graduated Andria Crescioni won this challenge with creating a zero-waste product that looks cool and is also made of organic material. A grey anorak that comes in one size only but apparently fits all is a good example of combining an eco initiative with a product suitable for the average fashion person. A limited amount of anoraks is sold at Rogan in Manhattan as well on

Portable dyer’s workshop

Freitag, November 25th, 2011 -

Look, what we discovered. With this special portable dying set you can make your own natural dye from plants and berries. It comes in a kit, in a wooden suitcase and looks really pretty. Studio Swine is behind this nice idea and was inspired by America’s tradition of travelling salesman. Each kid includes a pack of seeds and instructions on how to produce your own dye at home. On their website you can find a recipe to make Blackberry Dye to colour your white socks purple or give them a special batik look for instance.

Via strawberry Earth


1 Sunday of Advent

Freitag, November 25th, 2011 -

Yes, it’s already that time of year again.
And every year the same question: Where to look for Christmas presents? Hopefully not in the big shopping malls or commercial chain stores, but rather in a cozy atmosphere at a market in the middle of Neukölln. This Sunday the first “Ladenmarkt” will take place. Natural, sustainable, recycled, handmade and limited is what it says on the poster. If those aren’t the adjectives we like to read. Organized by the karmawerk-soulcial workspace in the café Fincan, a living room like location known for its jazz and cinema events. What can you purchase there? Jewellery, bags, sculptures, children’s clothes, as well as some vegan-vegetarian food and drinks of course.


Sunday, 27th November
11:00 till 17:00

Altenbraker Str. 26
S/U Bahn Hermannstraße


Click here for the facebook event

Opening Party

Mittwoch, November 23rd, 2011 -

For all metropolitans and those who are in Berlin city this Friday: the first Upcycling-Fashion Store will open its doors in the district Mitte and you are all invited. This store will stay for only 3 months in the Linienstr.77 and gives insight into the world of fashionable recycling projects. Labels like Aluc, EL Reinventor, Milch and ReClothing are taking part and this Friday from 4 till 9 pm you can’t only marvel at their work but also enjoy some appetisers, bio-sherbet, bio-beer and music.
Click here for the facebook event


Friday 25th November 11
16:00 – 21:00

10119 Berlin

11:00 – 20:00


Unpack it today!

Mittwoch, November 23rd, 2011 -

In line with the European Week for Waste Reduction (19. -27.11.2011) today is the first “Unpack-it day”. This action is supposed to raise awareness about the packing madness in our world. All sweets, cereals, even bananas and many other products are packed separately, twice mostly, which is unnecessary and pollutes our planet. In the EU Member States (2008, Eurostat) 524 kg of municipal waste is generated on average per person!

Which is why everyone is asked to join! Take your own fabric bags, your own bowls and canisters with you when you go shopping today. Unpack as many products as possible at the cash register exit already and start recycling right away. If necessary ask a shop assistant and indicate the legal requirements (Verpackungsordnung §§4- 6) that pledge them to dispose all transport and product packaging separately or give back to the manufacturer.

You are welcome to share this information and tell your friends and family about it.

On the 27th of November the “Buy-Nothing-Day” will take place, which should make us all think about our daily consumer behaviour. Decide consciously to buy nothing that day. Also something to participate in.


Discovered – Liu Bolin – Hiding in the city

Dienstag, November 22nd, 2011 -

The Chinese artist Liu Bolin is a piece of art himself. It takes his assistant up to 10 hours to paint Bolin’s whole body including his clothes. The result – with his customised outfit he resembles the environment so well that it looks like he is blending right into the background. Like that he becomes part of his surrounding, almost invisible. The border between reality and fantasy blurs.

His motive is not only artistic but also political. Being homeless for a couple of years, Bolin is now playing with the idea of being invisible to others. He appears and disappears in cities all over the world.

Click here for more of Liu Bolin’s images. It’s truly fascinating!


PPR dates planet with environmental account

Donnerstag, November 17th, 2011 -

The french multinational enterprise PPR, known for retail and luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella Mc Cartney and Puma, announced to commit to an environmental profit and loss account by 2015. After PUMA developed and presented this account for their company and published the first results, now the whole PPR Group will follow and publicly rank, spank and thank their impact on the planet.

The operation goes on the account of former PUMA-Chairman Jochen Zeitz and is managed by PPR Home, a new sustainability department of PPR, probably better known from the movie HOME. The steps of the multinational make clear, that the topic of corporate transparency is gaining terrain and also main players want to sit on the bright side of the planet and clean up their corporate karma.

It is to hope that the group will meanwhile not only monitor their environmental impact but will also do everything to reduce it, also before 2015 (they probably need 3 years to clean up some stuff before publishing about it). And while being busy with the planet, also sweat day and night to get fair living wages and labor conditions in place.

We will anyway need to rely on other sources such as Wegreen as well, to know what’s up with the brands we buy. And if not committed by the companies themselves, public pressure like recently around the Greenpeace detox campaign might help to get things in the right direction. Because we all have a date with the planet…


To do this weekend – Heldenmarkt Berlin

Mittwoch, November 16th, 2011 -

“Shopping for do-gooders” is the theme of this year’s fair for sustainable consumption in Berlin. 140 exhibitors such as Coffee Circle, GOTS, LemonAid and ChariTea e.V., Naturstrom, Oxfam and many more will present sustainable developments in various areas of life. A fashion show, a number of lectures, a programme for children and biological catering should sound inviting to the green scene and to those who still want to become a part of it. Click here for a complete list of exhibitors and here for the programme.


Saturday – 19.11., 10:00 – 22:00
Sunday – 20.11., 10:00 – 18:00

Straße der Pariser Kommune 8
10243 Berlin

5 €, reduced 4 €